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Sunset view. Photo courtesy of Matthew Paulson.

USF to tackle environmental challenges through new initiative with Tampa Bay Wave and the St. Petersburg Innovation District

USF continues to strengthen its collaboration with Tampa Bay Wave and the St. Petersburg Innovation District through the creation of a new program that addresses some of the nation’s most pressing environmental concerns.

February 21, 2024News, Resiliency News

Nearly 25 youth from the Royal Theater Boys & Girls Club of the Suncoast spent three days of their spring break becoming ‘Guardians of the Gulf.’

South St. Pete youth become ‘Guardians of the Gulf’ with USF

Guardians of the Gulf is a STEAM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) about coastal and human resiliency run by the University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science (USF CMS).

April 25, 2023Community Engagement, Resiliency News

Marine sanctuaries and monuments are some of our nation’s underwater treasures. This image was reproduced from the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) world map and customized by NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries. Credit: NOAA

USF Team Selected by NOAA for Award to Support Marine Sanctuaries

The three-year project, “Climate Change Indicators Across the National Marine Sanctuaries System,” is one of seven competitively selected projects addressing marine sanctuary management totaling $3.7 million.

October 26, 2022News, Resiliency News

The view from inside Hurricane Florence in 2018. Credit: Nick Underwood/NOAA

Keeping our eyes on hurricanes

Hurricane season is ramping up. From submersible “pickup trucks” to “flying research labs,” hurricane monitoring programs help modelers predict the strength and path of tropical systems.

September 13, 2022Resiliency News

Projections show different parts of Florida could see a sea-level rise of 1-11 feet over the next 100 years.

What climate change has in store for Florida | Our Changing Climate: Earth Day

Projections show different parts of Florida could see a sea-level rise of 1-11 feet over the next 100 years.

April 21, 2022Resiliency News

The series, developed by Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant, features interviews with coastal residents and researchers who share stories of adapting to coastal hazards through community engagement and collaboration with scientists, nonprofits or government agencies.

Faces of Resiliency

The Faces of Resiliency video series highlights how communities are increasing their resilience to sea level rise, storm surge and flooding.

March 23, 2022Resiliency News

Mayor Ken Welch and St. Petersburg City Council Chair Gina Driscoll at the Innovation District's Smart City Showcase Tuesday. Photos by Mark Parker.

Smart City Showcase highlights innovative problem-solving in St. Pete

Under the St. Petersburg Innovation District’s leadership, members of academia, local government, nonprofit organizations and the private sector are now utilizing new technology to help solve the city’s challenges.

March 23, 2022Resiliency News

Waves from hurricane Rita crash over a seawall and flood a street 20 September 2005, in Miami, Florida.  Photo credit should read ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP via Getty Images

Seawalls alone won’t save coastal cities, major UN report says

Adapting to climate change will require more ‘transformative changes’

February 28, 2022Resiliency News

For years, Diane Wilson has been documenting plastic pellet pollution from Formosa Plastics into the surrounding Gulf of Mexico. She gathered enough evidence to sue the company, a case she won in 2019 that has sent a warning to a giant industry. PHOTOGRAPH BY MARK FELIX, AFP/GETTY IMAGES

How a dramatic win in plastic waste case may curb ocean pollution

A major citizen suit against a giant plastics company resulted in a huge payout and a commitment to do better. The case has set off ripples of change across an industry that often pollutes with impunity.

February 22, 2022Resiliency News

BIPOC Youth Learn Map-Making to Build Disaster Resilience

BIPOC Youth Learn Map-Making to Build Disaster Resilience

Because natural disasters disproportionately affect underserved communities, middle school students in Savannah, Ga., are learning to use mapping tools to design infrastructure changes that could protect their neighborhoods.

February 14, 2022Resiliency News

Learning to stay connected through relationships in a compassionate way is critical in navigating climate change. (AP Photo/David Cliff)

How to teach children about climate change, inspire hope and take action to change the future

Children and youth know that climate change is altering lives, environmental patterns and futures.

January 27, 2022Resiliency News

‘Living Shoreline’ being built on St. Pete waterfront to protect area from continued erosion

‘Living Shoreline’ being built on St. Pete waterfront to protect area from continued erosion

Volunteers are working to build a “living shoreline” along an area of Lassing Park in St. Pete to help protect and restore the waterfront.

December 15, 2021Resiliency News

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Our blue planet faces a suite of challenges and opportunities for understanding and innovation. Our mission is to advance understanding of the interconnectivity of ocean systems and human-ocean interactions using a cross-disciplinary approach, to empower the next workforce of the blue economy with a world-class education experience, and to share our passion for a healthy environment and science-informed decision-making with community audiences near and far.