University Performance & Survey Analytics (UPSA)


Mission Statement

Our mission is to assess the university's performance against internal and external benchmarks by collecting, evaluating, and analyzing reputable higher education data from a variety of sources to enhance evidence-based strategic planning that supports institutional improvement.

Primary Goals and Functions

  • Submit timely and accurate university-level data to select external organizations interested in higher education performance metrics
  • Evaluate and monitor USF's position in high profile university-level rankings
  • Assess USF's performance against its peers on performance metrics from a variety of data sources
  • Conduct 360-degree job performance evaluation surveys on senior university leadership
  • Conduct university-level student satisfaction and engagement surveys

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the global standard for providing unbiased assessments of institutional performance to support executive decision-making.

Values Statement

The University Performance and Survey Analytics unit values contributing to the university's mission by embracing a culture that is structured, cooperative, and respectful of each employee's knowledge, skills, and personal life.

Data Hubs

Please visit the links to the left for the publically available products produced by the University Performance and Survey Analytics unit, which include:

USF Strategic Performance Hub

  • The USF Strategic Performance Hub gauges university performance against its peers on a variety of metrics to assist in strategic decision making and planning.

USF Rankings Hub

  • The USF Rankings Hub identifies USF's most current position in university rankings from prominent media outlets and academic agencies, including those used for Florida's Preeminent State Research University Program.

USF Survey Research Hub

  • The USF Survey Research Hub provides de-identified aggregated results of survey information collected from USF students to assist the university community in strategic decision making and planning.

USF Post-Graduation Outcomes Hub

  • The USF Post-Graduation Outcomes Hub provides information about the post-graduation success of USF students, including the percent employed and average salaries one year after graduation.


Please view our University Performance and Survey Analytics Workflow Calendars for information regarding the timeframes of routine projects conducted by UPSA.