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Kate Tiedemann, Ellen Cotton give $14 million to enhance USF finance program

The $14 million gift will support the USF Muma College of Business’ vision to become a “hub of excellence” in fintech. Fintech, short for "financial technology," impacts everything from mobile banking and insurance to crowdfunding, blockchain, cryptocurrency and investment apps.

April 18, 2022Innovation

USF researchers release findings from statewide public opinion survey on war in Ukraine, approval ratings and COVID-19

Researchers at the University of South Florida have released results from a statewide survey that measures public opinion on several current policy issues. The results presented in this report address the U.S. response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, presidential/gubernatorial job approval and COVID-19.

April 14, 2022Research

USF Health study finds quality of fat input determines output of kidney and cardiac health and repair

Breakthrough research uncovers how a certain type of healthy fat found in Omega-3 fish oil, such as salmon and tuna, works in tandem with enzymes from the spleen to clear the inflammation in a damaged heart.

April 12, 2022Health

Study finds top reviews, not average ratings, sway consumer decision-making

The research debunks a widely held notion that serious online consumers buy products with a higher rating.

April 12, 2022Research

University of South Florida, Tampa Bay Wave’s Fintech Accelerator Cohort has Been Announced

St. Petersburg’s fast-evolving Fintech sector continues to expand as Tampa Bay Wave and the University of South Florida have confirmed the inaugural cohort of startups for its Fintech|X Accelerator program, which is part of a partnership between Tampa Bay Wave, the USF Muma College of Business and the St. Petersburg Area Economic Development Corporation.

April 12, 2022Entrepreneurship

When the ‘stars’ don’t align: study finds top reviews, not average ratings, swap consumer decision-making

New USF research debunks a widely held notion that online consumers buy products based on rating.

April 11, 2022Research

Descending Into Florida’s Underwater Caves

Photo essay by Jason Gulley, associate professor of geology at USF, on how the world’s densest collection of freshwater springs is at the center of a slow-motion environmental tragedy (New York Times).

April 11, 2022Research

Tampa Bay Wave and USF announce 16 fintech startups for the inaugural FinTech|X Accelerator 2022 Cohort

Tampa Bay Wave, Inc. and the University of South Florida Muma College of Business announce the inaugural FinTech|X 2022 Accelerator program cohort consisting of 16 high-growth FinTech startups from across the United States and abroad, including companies from Israel, England, Saudi Arabia and Germany.

April 11, 2022Entrepreneurship

New book traces how beer influenced the world over time

A new book written by a USF anthropology professor traces the deep history of beer and its start in ancient civilizations. A staple of modern society, the refreshing, intoxicating beverage has roots going back 13,000 years. In many cultures, it was and still is, used as food.

April 7, 2022Research

One of the world’s biggest sea snails at risk of extinction

A century of unregulated harvesting for its gigantic shell has left the horse conch far more vulnerable than scientists realized. The study was led by University of South Florida marine ecologist Gregory S. Herbert and published in the journal PLOS ONE (National Geographic).

April 6, 2022Research

Florida’s State Shell At Higher Risk Of Extinction Than Previously Thought

“Our research shows that horse conch reproduction is less likely to keep pace with intense harvest than previously thought,” said lead author Greg Herbert, associate professor from the USF School of Geosciences.

April 6, 2022Research

USF opens new innovation facility aimed at growing Tampa Bay’s economy

The University of South Florida has unveiled a new, $42 million research center designed to help advance the Tampa Bay region’s growing startup industry.

April 6, 2022Research


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