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USF College of Marine Science Joins Ocean Visions Network

The USF College of Marine Science (USF CMS) announced it has joined the Ocean Visions Research Consortium.

September 20, 2021Research

New jellyfish species named after FIO director, USF professor

His expertise in jellyfish is so renowned, Monty Graham, director of the Florida Institute of Oceanography and professor of integrative biology at USF, has a new species of jellyfish bearing his name – the Aurelia montyi.

September 17, 2021Research

Pollution and overuse threaten Florida's fragile freshwater springs

Jason Gulley, a geology professor at the University of South Florida, has taken stunning photographs documenting threats to Florida's freshwater springs. Declining flows, agricultural runoff, and sewage are pressuring the world’s largest network of freshwater springs. (National Geographic).

September 14, 2021Research

Pact Study Seeks Volunteers To Find Ways To Prevent Dementia

The University of South Florida (USF), thanks to funding from the National Institutes of Health, is conducting a study to determine whether computerized brain training exercises can reduce the risk of cognitive impairment and dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease (Osprey Observer).

September 8, 2021Health, Research

USF professor lends perspective on the long shadow of 9/11 in U.S. foreign policy

The unfolding crisis in Afghanistan and the return to power of the Taliban has brought renewed attention to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the events that unfolded in its aftermath (USF St. Petersburg Campus).

September 7, 2021Research

Faculty Seminar kicks off the school year

CMS professors share their latest contributions to oceanography research with the College of Marine Science community.

September 3, 2021Research

College of Marine Science team uncovers new insights about viruses and bacteria in Manatee Springs, Florida

Most people visit Manatee Springs to see its charismatic megafauna, from the iconic sea cows that are its namesake to gators and majestic great blue herons. But not Kema Malki.

September 3, 2021Research

Molecular detective on a mission to discover the mysteries of drug-resistant bacterial pathogens

Since Professor Les Shaw joined USF as a researcher in 2007, he’s discovered several systems within bacteria cells that have led to significant therapeutic developments for treating drug-resistant bacteria. He attributes his success to USF’s interdisciplinary and collegial community of scientists (USF Newsroom).

September 3, 2021Research

10 years later: Scientists learn long-term impact of Deepwater Horizon spill

For 10 years, Steven Murawski, a Marine Science professor with the University of South Florida, has headed the $40 million research program. Including using a ship called the R.V. Weatherbird II, which is basically a floating laboratory that USF scientists took out into the Gulf to do their research (ABC Action News).

September 2, 2021Research

Team selected to estimate abundance of Greater Amberjack in South Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico

Dr. Steve Murawski is leading a team of scientists that will conduct an independent study to estimate the number of Greater Amberjack in the U.S. waters of the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico regions. The research team, made up of 18 scientists from 13 institutions, was awarded $9 million in federal funds for the two-year project. With matching funds from the institutions, the project will total $11.7 million (USF College of Marine Science).

August 25, 2021Research

USF Health set to start COVID-19 vaccine trial on children in fall

The USF Health Morsani College of Medicine has been selected by Moderna as one of the approximately 80 sites in the U.S. to hold clinical trials testing the effects of the Moderna vaccine on children (USF Oracle).

August 23, 2021Health, Research

USF researchers launch social media campaign to identify risk of mosquito-borne diseases in Tampa Bay

USF researchers have launched a social media campaign inviting citizen scientists to upload images of mosquitoes found in the Tampa Bay region to the iNaturalist platform, a smartphone app. The app will automatically identify disease-carrying species such as Aedes aegypti, a known transmitter of Zika, dengue and yellow fever (USF Newsroom).

August 20, 2021Research


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