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BP Deepwater Horizon Research Concludes After Years Of Studying The Gulf Of Mexico

Over the course of a decade, scientists looked into a strange phenomenon found in Gulf waters near the BP oil rig after the spill, and 12 expeditions were also mounted to collect environmental data (WUSF).

June 14, 2021Research

Health and media experts discuss why some people don’t trust the COVID-19 vaccine

More than half the population has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Case numbers are declining, but with nearly half of the people not yet vaccinated, it’s clear that trust is not there for many Americans. In an online forum, Trust & Vaccines, a panel of experts looked at what’s motivating people to get the vaccine and why others still are not (USF St. Petersburg campus).

June 14, 2021Health, Research

Former patient gives $1.8M to USF Health to boost research, education programs

The University of South Florida Health Center has received $1.8 million from a former patient and hospital volunteer (Tampa Bay Business Journal).

June 14, 2021Health, Research

USF professor inducted into Florida Investors Hall of Fame or her work with cacti

USF College of Engineering professor Norma Alcantar has 12 patents for cactus mucilage, the gummy stuff inside the plant, used for everything from water purification to using it in the fight against Parkinson’s disease (Bay News 9).

June 14, 2021Honors and Awards, Innovation, Research

The lost African American cemeteries of Tampa Bay & what’s being done to remember them

USF librarians are working with USF researchers and the Tampa Bay community to identify living next-of-kin for those forgotten while bringing historical injustices to light (USF Libraries).

June 11, 2021Research

USF Distinguished University Professor Yogi Goswami Honored by American Society of Mechanical Engineers

USF College of Engineering Distinguished Professor Yogi Goswami has been named the 2021 recipient of the ASME Safety Codes and Standards Medal from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for leading the development of new safety standards for thermal energy systems.

June 11, 2021Honors and Awards, Innovation, Research

Local Experts React To New Alzheimer’s Drug, Aduhelm

USF Florida Health Byrd Alzheimer's Center and Research Institute held trials for the new drug.

June 10, 2021Health, Research

USF Experts Explore Trust In COVID-19 Vaccines

Health experts say vaccine engagement efforts are helping build trust in communities, but there is still a lot of work to do. Experts with the University of South Florida will combat mistrust in COVID-19 vaccines during a virtual event on Friday (WUSF).

June 10, 2021Health, Research

Marine Life 2030 endorsed as part of UN Decade of Ocean Science

The Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, an arm of the United Nations, officially endorsed Marine Life 2030 to officially be part of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) (USF College of Marine Science).

June 8, 2021Global Research, Research

The cactus, the ally of purification

A member of the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame, Norma Alcantar is a chemical engineer who has made amazing discoveries with natural products to solve complex problems such as ocean decontamination. The correspondent of the Voice of America in Miami Alonso Castillo takes us into his world of traditions and innovation (VOA).

June 7, 2021Global Research, Innovation, Research

USF Studying How Health Ads Affect Hesitancy To Seek Care During Pandemic

Researchers with the University of South Florida are studying how effective health care advertisements are at convincing people to receive in-person services. They're inviting people who have been hesitant to seek routine or emergency care because of the COVID-19 pandemic to participate (WUSF).

June 7, 2021Health, Research

New method developed to improve durability of nano-electronic components, further semiconductor manufacturing

University of South Florida researchers recently developed a novel approach to mitigating electromigration in nanoscale electronic interconnects that are ubiquitous in state-of-the-art integrated circuits (

June 2, 2021Innovation, Research


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