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USF researchers work to create a safer, more prepared Florida for hurricane season

From testing new structural materials that can better withstand natural disasters to identifying gaps in emergency management, USF is investigating solutions to many of the horrors faced during storms like Hurricane Ian.

June 6, 2023Innovation, Research

A good seaweed surprise for Florida: Floating mass has actually shrunk, reasons unclear

The Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt—the scientific name for the massive mat of floating brown seaweed that annually washes up on beaches around the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and east coast of Florida—shrank 15% last month, according to a University of South Florida research lab that uses satellites to track sargassum.

June 2, 2023Global Research, Research

Psychology professor receives prestigious congressional fellowship to work on Capitol Hill

Psychology Professor Tiffany Chenneville has been awarded the American Psychological Association’s Springfield Policy Congressional Fellowship, allowing her the opportunity to work on Capitol Hill for a year, utilizing her expertise in service of public policy.

June 2, 2023Research

AAU membership to bring extraordinary benefits to USF, Tampa Bay and state of Florida

The historic invitation will provide new federal funding opportunities for USF research, strengthen its role in meeting workforce demands and attract the brightest faculty, staff and students to Tampa Bay.

June 1, 2023Research

USF joins elite academic group AAU

The Association of American Universities announced Thursday USF was accepted to join its elite group of institutions, marking a watershed moment for the school. Only four schools have been invited into the AAU in the last 10 years. USF is the fifth youngest school in the AAU and one of six founded after 1950.

June 1, 2023Research

University of South Florida accepts invitation into the Association of American Universities

USF joins a prestigious group of the 71 leading research institutions in the United States and Canada. It is the first public university in Florida to be invited to join the AAU in nearly 40 years and is now one of two institutions from the State University System of Florida to serve as an AAU member.

June 1, 2023Research

Artificial Intelligence and its impacts being studied at the University of South Florida

Research into AI and its effects on society are being studied in the Tampa Bay area. At the University of South Florida there is the Institute for Artificial Intelligence + X, which is a university-wide research and education center for AI. Professors there are researching AI and working with local leaders in healthcare, finance, biology, and transportation.

May 25, 2023Research

New USF Provost is a Noted Computer Science and Engineering Educator and Researcher

The University of South Florida’s standing as a leading research university was boosted by appointing a prominent computer science and engineering researcher and educator as its new provost and executive vice president of academic affairs.

May 22, 2023Research

New Emerging Technology Lab will allow students to explore augmented and virtual reality in the classroom

USF's College of Education wants to ensure students know how to utilize the latest technology through a new Emerging Technology Lab being developed on the St. Petersburg campus.

May 18, 2023Innovation, Research, Student Research

Past climate change to blame for Antarctica’s giant underwater landslides

An international team of scientists found weak biologically rich layers of sediments hundreds of metres beneath the seafloor which crumbled as oceans warmed and ice sheets declined.

May 18, 2023Global Research, Research

On the hunt for Amberjacks from Florida to North Carolina

The Camera-Based Assessment Survey System (C-BASS) team recently completed a 21-day research cruise aboard Florida Institute of Oceanography’s (FIO) vessel, R/V Weatherbird II, in search of Greater Amberjack.

May 17, 2023Research

Governor signs bill making USF Trafficking in Persons lab state repository for human trafficking data

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill that appoints the USF Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Risk to Resilience Research Lab with collecting and analyzing statewide data to better understand the magnitude and trends in human trafficking across the state and over time.

May 17, 2023Research


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