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USF hosts first-ever summer course on using voice and AI as a diagnostic tool

In collaboration with the USF AI+X Institute, USF Health is helping train the next generation of medical professionals through the launch of its first-ever course dedicated to understanding how voice can be used as a biomarker for health.

July 9, 2024Health, Student Research

New virology team demonstrates the global impact of research at USF Health

The Global Virus Network is relocating its international headquarters to the University of South Florida. With its leader, Dr. Robert Gallo, co-founder of HIV, comes his team of virologists whose expertise embody the importance of collaboration in medicine.

July 2, 2024Health

Pioneering HIV researcher to begin new journey at USF

As Dr. Robert Gallo and his virology team join USF Health, learn more about the co-founder of HIV’s journey and how a family tragedy inspired him to pursue medicine.

July 1, 2024Health

Chemo drug may cause significant hearing loss in longtime cancer survivors

Researchers followed a cohort of cancer survivors for more than a decade to determine the progression of their hearing loss after their chemotherapy treatment. The findings reveal a need to enhance patient support to improve quality of life and outcomes.

June 27, 2024Health

Mindfulness and managing emotions lead to better sleep

A University of South Florida-led study helps explain why focusing on the present moment can improve sleep, reduce stress and improve overall health.

June 24, 2024Health

USF Health OB-GYN studying women’s health in space

As a member of NASA’s GeneLab group, Dr. Begum Mathyk is collaborating with a team of researchers in the field of space biology, publishing several studies as part of national portfolio on space research.

June 12, 2024Health

USF using AI to help combat malaria in Africa

Funded by the NIH, the project is an international effort that will establish a new research center in Africa to advance malaria research and deploy advanced smart traps for real-time identification of mosquitoes carrying the malaria parasite.

June 6, 2024Global Research, Health

USF selected as the international headquarters of the Global Virus Network, co-discoverer of HIV joins faculty

The Global Virus Network is a distinguished organization comprising virologists from more than 40 countries. Co-founder and world-renowned scientist Dr. Robert Gallo will join USF, enhancing the university’s impact as a new member of the prestigious Association of American Universities, grow its research enterprise and further build its reputation across the world.

June 5, 2024Health

New study shows vitamin C boosts DNA damage and cell death in melanoma cells

Researchers found that melanoma cells have more DNA damage and fewer antioxidant defenses compared to normal skin cells. When treated with hydrogen peroxide and vitamin C, melanoma cells showed even more DNA damage and higher cell death rates, while normal cells were protected.

June 3, 2024Health, Research

Tampa Bay Wave opens applications for 2024 HealthTech|X Accelerator

Tampa Bay Wave, supported by a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA), today announces the opening of the applications portal for its inaugural 2024 HealthTech|X Accelerator program.

April 17, 2024Health

Tampa Bay Wave and USF to launch HealthTech|X Accelerator in 2024

Tampa Bay Wave, Florida's premier non-profit accelerator for high-growth startups, is proud to announce its strategic collaboration with the University of South Florida (USF), powered by a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA), to introduce the HealthTech|X Accelerator program.

November 1, 2023Health

X-ray results suggest telehealth may be a bad fit for treating musculoskeletal conditions

Researchers with the University of South Florida aimed to assess the outcomes of musculoskeletal radiographs ordered during both in-person and televisit primary care appointments.

September 19, 2023Health, Research


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