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Tampa Bay Wave opens applications for 2024 HealthTech|X Accelerator

Tampa Bay Wave, supported by a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA), today announces the opening of the applications portal for its inaugural 2024 HealthTech|X Accelerator program.

April 17, 2024Health

Tampa Bay Wave and USF to launch HealthTech|X Accelerator in 2024

Tampa Bay Wave, Florida's premier non-profit accelerator for high-growth startups, is proud to announce its strategic collaboration with the University of South Florida (USF), powered by a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA), to introduce the HealthTech|X Accelerator program.

November 1, 2023Health

X-ray results suggest telehealth may be a bad fit for treating musculoskeletal conditions

Researchers with the University of South Florida aimed to assess the outcomes of musculoskeletal radiographs ordered during both in-person and televisit primary care appointments.

September 19, 2023Health, Research

Every picture in USF professor’s photo project tells a story about young people’s mental health

Photovoice is a project in which participants, ages 14 to 29, used cameras to illustrate topics related to mental health and addiction.

August 3, 2023Health, Research

Dr. Marcus Cooke and colleagues open the door to understanding human disease through nucleic acid ‘adductomics’

Ninety percent of the risk of developing a disease comes from exposure to certain elements in our environment, such as pollution, sunlight, tobacco use, or food components, according to USF College of Arts and Sciences professor and Department of Molecular Biosciences chair Dr. Marcus Cooke.

July 25, 2023Health, Research

Hearing aids slow cognitive decline in older adults with hearing loss and at risk for cognitive decline

Using a comprehensive hearing intervention designed, tested, and implemented by researchers at the University of South Florida, the multi-site ACHIEVE study examined the efficacy of hearing aids for reducing long-term cognitive decline in older adults.

July 18, 2023Health, Research

USF awarded more than $8.5 million to train public health leaders in national collaborative leadership program

In an effort to strengthen the U.S. public health system, three national philanthropic nonprofits joined to award USF grants to lead the PHEARLESS initiative designed to rebuild collaboration and leadership skills among public health leaders.

June 28, 2023Health, Research

Every picture in USF professor’s PhotoVoice project tells a story about young people’s mental health

In USF Sarasota-Manatee campus assistant professor Margaret McGladrey's recent PhotoVoice project, young people used photography to illustrate topics related to mental health and mental illness.

June 16, 2023Health, Research

USF Health researchers show how the placenta protects fetus in the womb against viral infections

Give credit to your dad’s gene for keeping you safe during those long months in your mother’s womb. Because without this genetic warrior, you might have succumbed to any number of viral infections that otherwise could be fatal to a fetus. A new paper published this week in the journal Cell Host & Microbe explains the mechanisms behind this anti-viral protection.

June 15, 2023Health, Research

USF Audiology and USF Health ENT faculty mentor Malawi audiology students

The students recently presented the findings of their collaborative research project.

May 1, 2023Global Research, Health, Student Research

Humans will break the longevity record and live past 122, study says - Popular Mechanics

A new study from Po-Lin Wang, an assistant professor in the Baldwin Risk Partners School of Risk Management and Insurance, proposes that not only will we soon be seeing longer lifespans, but humans will also surpass all age records in the near future. Apparently, the longest-living generations are soon to come.

April 17, 2023Health, Research

Dr. Karen Liller named AAHB Fellow

Dr. Karen Liller, a Distinguished University Health Professor in the USF College of Public Health, was recently named a fellow of the American Academy of Health Behavior (AAHB).

March 10, 2023Health, Research


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