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USF researcher visualizes discovery of oldest human burial in Africa made by international team of scientists

An international team of scientists has uncovered the earliest modern human burial in Africa—changing what we know about social behaviors in Homo sapiens—and a researcher at the University of South Florida (USF) has helped use 3D and advanced imaging technologies to bring the 78,000-year-old remains of a child back to life (USF Newsroom).

May 5, 2021Global Research, Research

USF College of Education assistant professor to establish Caribbean educational research center through $3.6 million grant

Patriann Smith has been awarded a three-year, $3.6 million grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to establish an interdisciplinary educational research center to help support decision making and policy development for educational innovation and expansion in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean (USF Newsroom).

April 19, 2021Global Research, Research

USF partners with U.S. Special Operations Command to combat Russian disinformation

The USF Institute on Russia has forged a formal partnership with U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to help strengthen the understanding of Russian disinformation and the dangerous impact it’s having on the world.

February 10, 2021Global Research, Research

USF-led international geosciences team reconstructs 6.5 million years of sea level stands in Western Mediterranean

To gain insight into future ice sheet stability and sea-level rise, new research from an international team led by University of South Florida geoscientists is drawing on evidence from past interglacial periods when Earth’s climate was warmer than today (Mirage News).

January 22, 2021Global Research, Research

USF-led international geosciences team reconstructs 6.5 million years of sea level stands in the Western Mediterranean

The geological features in caves from Mallorca provide scientific insights for understanding modern-day sea level changes (USF Newsroom).

January 21, 2021Global Research, Research

USF volcanology team develops new approach to understanding massive volcanic eruptions

A USF geosciences team has developed a new way to reconstruct the sizes of volcanic eruptions that occurred thousands of years ago, creating a first-of-its kind tool that can aid scientists in understanding past explosive eruptions that shaped the earth and improve the way of estimating hazards of future eruptions (USF Newsroom).

January 4, 2021Global Research, Innovation, Research

Invasive in the U.S., lifesaver Down Under

Ten years of research led by the University of South Florida has revealed that a monitor lizard should be regarded as an “ecosystem engineer,” a rarity for reptiles (USF Newsroom).

December 21, 2020Global Research, Research

Three USF Faculty Members Elected New National Academy of Inventors Fellows

As prolific inventors, this year’s faculty honorees developed cutting-edge technology to fight diseases and improve lives (USFRI Newsroom).

December 8, 2020Global Research, Honors and Awards, Innovation

Eight USF Faculty Members Named New AAAS Fellows

In fields spanning psychology, molecular medicine, geosciences and child and family studies, these leading faculty members have earned one of academia’s highest honors.

November 24, 2020Global Research, Honors and Awards, Research

The seaweed bloom that covered an ocean

After analysing 19 years of satellite data, researchers at the University of South Florida found that since 2011 the sargassum bloom has appeared annually and is growing in size (BBC).

November 19, 2020Global Research, Research

Three USF Faculty Members Named to Prestigious Clarivate’s Annual Highly Cited Researchers List 

Three USF professors are among the ranks of the world’s most influential researchers for 2020.

November 18, 2020Global Research, Honors and Awards

Method used to track Ebola’s trajectory being applied to COVID-19

What exactly happened in Asia that caused SARS-CoV-2 to rapidly spread across the region and then essentially came to a halt there? That’s what researchers from the University of South Florida are trying to determine in a new study funded by an NSF Rapid Response grant (USF Newsroom).

October 5, 2020Global Research, Innovation, Research


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