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Past climate change to blame for Antarctica’s giant underwater landslides

An international team of scientists found weak biologically rich layers of sediments hundreds of metres beneath the seafloor which crumbled as oceans warmed and ice sheets declined.

May 18, 2023Global Research, Research

Global classroom collaboration with Moldova wins international partnerships award

A global classroom experience that brought together USF students with peers in Moldova to conduct joint research while an international humanitarian crisis was unfolding nearby received the inaugural International Partnerships Award from two political science associations.

May 11, 2023Global Research, Student Research

USF scientist discovers culprit behind massive sea urchin die-off

University of South Florida professor Mya Breitbart has used her work in microbiology to discover the organism responsible for a significant increase in long-spined sea urchin deaths last year.

May 10, 2023Global Research, Research

Southern Ocean Science – a different kind of SOS?

Antarctica might seem like another world away, but what happens on the icy continent has repercussions globally.

May 8, 2023Global Research, Research

Food, fertilizer, fuel? The hunt is on for solutions to the Caribbean’s exploding seaweed problem

The floating brown seaweed known as sargassum has exploded in record-setting mass throughout the region. There is increasing commercial and research interest in developing ways to put it to use.

May 7, 2023Global Research, Research

Scientists describe carbon cycle in a subglacial freshwater lake in Antarctica for first time

Surprising results from historic study suggest the shrinking West Antarctic Ice Sheet, a major threat to global sea level rise, was smaller and more dynamic in recent geologic past than previously thought.

May 1, 2023Global Research, Research

USF Audiology and USF Health ENT faculty mentor Malawi audiology students

The students recently presented the findings of their collaborative research project.

May 1, 2023Global Research, Health, Student Research

Scientists identify sea urchin killer

The search for the 2022 killer that decimated long-spined sea urchins in the Caribbean and along Florida’s east coast is over. A team of scientists-turned-sleuthhounds identified the small-but-mighty offender: a single-celled organism called a ciliate.

April 19, 2023Global Research, Research

A USF professor discovered what was killing sea urchins in Florida, Caribbean. Here’s how.

Mya Breitbart was part of a team that made the groundbreaking discovery in just four months — uncovering a microscopic pathogen.

April 19, 2023Global Research, Research

The Stinky Seaweed Blob Approaching Florida Is Absolutely Humongous

In moderation, the brown algae is a key Atlantic Ocean ecosystem component, but this year's bloom is the largest ever recorded.

April 4, 2023Global Research, Research

Local professor helps U.N. create ‘milestone’ water plan

Dr. Heather O’Leary, a University of South Florida St. Petersburg anthropology professor, recently shared her expertise at the first United Nations conference on water in 46 years.

April 4, 2023Global Research, Research

USF researcher’s life work uncovers the first ancient DNA from the Swahili Civilization

This research brings peace and restores pride to the millions of people who identify as Swahili by overturning false narratives and providing clarity to Swahili heritage.

March 29, 2023Global Research, Research


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