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Gilded mysteries unveiled: Ancient art meets nanotechnology in nanoscale goldbeating

Bridging the gap between ancient arts and modern technology, researchers from the University of South Florida, Clemson University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have discovered that nanoscopic gold ingots can be compressed into 2D leaf forms, replicating the ancient process of goldbeating, but at the nanoscale.

August 25, 2023Research, Student Research

Twenty-two USF faculty members recognized with Outstanding Research Achievement Awards

From improving water quality to advancing mental health care, to pursuing new treatments for Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease, 22 USF faculty members are being recognized next month with Faculty Outstanding Research Achievement Awards.

August 14, 2023Honors and Awards, Research

Hurricane hunting to beach erosion: USF prepares next generation for weather-related expertise

Students from across the state and nation are heading into the height of hurricane season more knowledgeable about the weather and climate. It comes from spending their summer at USF learning through a unique lens that only the Tampa Bay region could provide: hurricane hunters and beach ecosystems.

August 3, 2023Research, Student Research

Every picture in USF professor’s photo project tells a story about young people’s mental health

Photovoice is a project in which participants, ages 14 to 29, used cameras to illustrate topics related to mental health and addiction.

August 3, 2023Health, Research

Anthropology’s Dr. Diane Wallman earns Faculty Scholar Fulbright

USF College of Arts and Sciences anthropology associate professor Dr. Diane Wallman has been named a Faculty Scholar Fulbright.

July 26, 2023Honors and Awards, Research

Uncovering ancient history: USF team discovers 2,000-year-old Roman house during excavation in Malta

A team of researchers and six students from the University of South Florida have discovered a centuries-old house in exceptional condition during an excavation in Malta, a country located in the Mediterranean Sea.

July 26, 2023Global Research, Research, Student Research

Dr. Marcus Cooke and colleagues open the door to understanding human disease through nucleic acid ‘adductomics’

Ninety percent of the risk of developing a disease comes from exposure to certain elements in our environment, such as pollution, sunlight, tobacco use, or food components, according to USF College of Arts and Sciences professor and Department of Molecular Biosciences chair Dr. Marcus Cooke.

July 25, 2023Health, Research

Survival of the seeds: USF researchers examine what it takes for trees to thrive

Assistant professor in the USF College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Integrative Biology, Dr. Paul-Camilo Zalamea is preparing a four-year research study on plant-soil microbial interactions, after receiving a $1.5 million grant through the National Science Foundation (NSF).

July 25, 2023Global Research, Research

From ponds to parks: USF researchers tackle environmental injustice in East Tampa

Students and faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Anthropology and the College of Engineering’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering gathered in a large ballroom at Ragan Park in East Tampa in late April to host a student film festival event featuring student films on oral histories the students collected from seniors and others in the community over the spring semester.

July 25, 2023Research, Student Research

USF/FIO’s Keys Marine Laboratory to house thousands of corals to mitigate impact from historic ocean heat wave

The Keys Marine Laboratory contains one of the largest temperature-controlled seawater systems in the Florida Keys, allowing for the study of corals and other marine organisms as well as offering a refuge for them to live, rehabilitate and grow.

July 24, 2023Research

Department of Defense awards USF professor $700,000 to study Kremlin propaganda and internet usage patterns among Russians

Professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies and director of the USF Institute for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies (IREES), Golfo Alexopoulos, has been awarded a $700,000 grant to study Russian speakers in online spaces, including Kremlin propaganda and internet usage patterns among Russians.

July 19, 2023Global Research, Research

Hearing aids slow cognitive decline in older adults with hearing loss and at risk for cognitive decline

Using a comprehensive hearing intervention designed, tested, and implemented by researchers at the University of South Florida, the multi-site ACHIEVE study examined the efficacy of hearing aids for reducing long-term cognitive decline in older adults.

July 18, 2023Health, Research


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