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USF Muma College of Business to host international conference DESRIST 2022

International experts on the design of cutting-edge machine learning, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain, the Internet of Things, and smart cities will converge on the USF Muma College of Business at the International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology (DESRIST2022).

May 26, 2022Research

USF biologist discovers ‘skydiving’ salamander

After closely studying wandering salamanders for four years, a doctoral candidate at the University of South Florida discovered the amphibians have mastered “parachuting” down the world’s tallest trees. Christian Brown’s study, published in Current Biology, is the first to reveal aerial behaviors in the species.

May 26, 2022Research, Student Research

USF researchers think there is a direct correlation between access to guns & gun violence in America

Mass shootings have become all too common in the U.S. and access to guns is something researchers at USF think is directly correlated.

May 25, 2022Research

USF Health, TGH partner on 3D printing tech for heart surgery

Tampa General Hospital and University of South Florida are working together on a 3D printing technique that whittles a surgery down to less than a third of its time.

May 24, 2022Health, Innovation, Research

Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine of Florida Announces Selection of 15 New Members for 2022

Dr. Mya Breitbart, a professor and microbiologist at the USF College of Marine Science, is among 15 prominent scholars from throughout the state of Florida who were selected for membership to the Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine of Florida (ASEMFL).

May 23, 2022Honors and Awards

Medical 3D printing at Tampa General Hospital and USF Health Morsani College of Medicine provides clearer map for surgery

Teaming up with the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine's Department of Radiology, Tampa General has used 3D printing for planning aortic valve replacements, trauma surgery, cancer surgery and other reconstructions, as well as creating replicas of major organs. This potentially revolutionary technique uses 3D-printed facsimiles to better understand treatment and even reduce risk in invasive and complex surgeries.

May 23, 2022Health, Innovation, Research

The salamander that can parachute from atop the world’s tallest trees

The wandering salamander glides to the ground from on high by splaying its limbs and pumping its tail.

May 23, 2022Research

These 'skydiving' salamanders survive leaps from the world’s tallest trees

Biologist Christian Brown of the University of South Florida had long wondered how these aptly named wandering salamanders can survive such massive leaps among northern California’s coastal redwoods. According to a new study, these tiny amphibians have evolved a human-like strategy for soaring from old-growth redwoods.

May 23, 2022Research

New brain-painting method developed at USF being tested for ADHD treatment

USF computer scientist Marvin Andujar is harnessing the power of concentration and art to develop a new brain-computer interface (BCI) prototype and help study participants use their brain like never before. The goal is to introduce a novel treatment option for individuals with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by tapping directly into their brain activity.

May 20, 2022Research

Hustle and flow: USF studies how water moves in Tampa Bay

Researchers are fine-tuning a model that helped scientists study the effects of last year’s Piney Point release into the bay. Piney Point, though an environmental crisis for the region, proved to be a boost for science—spotlighting the importance of consistent research and offering a unique opportunity to study the consequences of wastewater discharges.

May 19, 2022Research

USF marine researchers gifted $5 million to pursue red tide mitigation efforts

The Center for Red Tide Research at the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) in St. Petersburg will receive $5 million of a $14 million pledge made by Gov. Ron DeSantis on May 4 to marine research labs and environmental organizations to support red tide research and mitigate the spread of harmful algal blooms.

May 17, 2022Research

USF students compete in Florida Blue Health Innovation Challenge

Three University of South Florida students — Siegrid Pregartner, Mitchell Harrah, and Frank Nunez — won first and second place and Judge's Choice awards in the ninth annual Florida Blue Health Innovation Challenge. Florida Blue Health Care, one of the largest health care providers in Florida, awarded a total of $23,500 to Florida college students at the April 29 competition.

May 16, 2022Innovation, Student Research


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