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USF Team Selected by NOAA for Award to Support Marine Sanctuaries

A project led by researchers from the University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science (USF CMS) has been selected by NOAA’s Climate Program Office (CPO) to support the management of marine sanctuaries and national monuments in a changing climate.

October 26, 2022Research

USF’s online portal eases disclosures, aids transparency, and provides marketing boost

A new online licensing portal just introduced by the University of South Florida Technology Transfer Office has been welcomed by faculty, as it enhances the efficiency of the disclosure process and also offers them real-time updates on the status of their inventions.

October 25, 2022Innovation

What's the origin of the Cuban sandwich? Researchers set out to settle the debate

Debates over the origin of the Cuban sandwich led Andy Huse, a librarian at the University of South Florida, along with Barbara Cruz, professor of social science education at the University of South Florida, and Jeff Houck, vice president of marketing for the Columbia Restaurant Group in Tampa to co-write The Cuban Sandwich: A History In Layers.

October 22, 2022Research

State is monitoring red tide bloom

State wildlife officials are using underwater gliders to monitor a red tide bloom that was detected off area beaches this week. “USF-College of Marine Science and Mote Marine Laboratory have each deployed a glider equipped with sensors to better understand conditions offshore,” the agency stated. “The information collected will help direct future sampling and forecasting efforts.”

October 22, 2022Research

Research 'gliders' assist in study of red tide blooms in the gulf

Researchers at the College of Marine Science at USF St. Petersburg, are honing technology to better detect red tide blooms and where they're going next. Specifically, they're using research 'gliders' equipped with sensors to better understand conditions offshore.

October 21, 2022Research

Education and Physics faculty team up to develop augmented reality simulations to enhance physics education

Faculty from the University of South Florida’s Education and Physics departments are working to help students better visualize such complicated theories through the use of augmented reality technology.

October 19, 2022Innovation, Research

USF to receive $6 million gift to support biomedical engineering research

Five years ago, the University of South Florida’s College of Engineering and the Morsani College of Medicine partnered to advance the growing field of biomedical engineering by jointly creating the Department of Medical Engineering. Now, a $6 million gift from an alumna will further assist with its mission to improve patient care by conducting innovative research, developing impactful technologies and training students for success as multidisciplinary global leaders.

October 18, 2022Research

NAI Sustainer Spotlight video featuring the University of South Florida

Video featuring the University of South Florida as a Sustaining Member Institution with the National Academy of Inventors.

October 18, 2022Innovation, Research

USF professor to help improve pandemic-induced child behavioral problems through multi-million dollar federal grant

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded University of South Florida professor, Lise Fox, a $5.5 million dollar grant to advance her training and research activities on child behavior – a critical focal point, especially as children and parents navigate post-pandemic repercussions.

October 17, 2022Research

Neighbor helping neighbor: USF researcher explores the positive impact of 'zero responders' in the wake of Hurricane Ian

Christa Remington, assistant professor of public administration, just returned from the Fort Myers area as part of a study she’s conducting on the value of social capital in a disaster. She’s focusing on what’s called a “zero responder” – individuals who are first on the scene, before firetrucks and ambulances arrive.

October 14, 2022Research

Warming oceans likely to shrink the viable habitat of many marine animals – but not all

The study, a culmination of 20 years of research by Brad Seibel, is the first to drill down into the relationship between oxygen, temperature and the metabolic requirements of vertical migrators, which include billions of marine animals from tiny crustaceans called krill to the six-foot-long jumbo squid.

October 14, 2022Research

App may soon diagnose cancer, Parkinson’s by the sound of your voice

Scientists are working on artificial intelligence that will analyze speech and breathing patterns and vibrations to pick up on changes indicating illness, according to University of South Florida’s Health Voice Center.

October 12, 2022Health, Research


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