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non-student usf recwell membership

We offer a variety of membership options for the USF community.  Our membership types and rates are detailed below.  If you have any questions, reach out to our Membership Services team (

Memberships are not available to the general public.  Must have a sponsor in order to be eligible. First time registration required in person only at Membership Services Office located in the Campus Recreation Center.

Valid Sponsors

Who is a Valid Sponsor?

  • A student who is currently registered for the specific term.
  • A Faculty/Staff, Affiliate or Alumni member who has a current and valid recreational membership.  
  • USF RecWell Membership is also offered to the following without having a sponsor
    • Aramark
    • Follet/USF Bookstore 
    • USF Federal Credit Union 
    • Moffit Employees
    • MOSI 
    • VA Hospital 
    • TGH/USF Employee
    • USF Research Park 
    • Florida Hospital 
    • Yuengling Center/Vinik Group 
    • USF Publix Employees (located on USF Tampa Campus 

Must be minimum age of 18 and provide proof of affiliation at time of purchasing membership. (i.e. employment badge or current letter of offer). Discretionary of USF affiliation to be determined by RecWell department.  

Please contact by emailing:  or  

facilities | tampa

The memberships detailed below will give you access only to the Facilities located on-and-around the Tampa campus. These non-student memberships do not include access to facilities located in St. Petersburg and Sarasota/Manatee.

membership types & RAtes

Full Access Membership 

What's included in a Full Access Membership?

  • Access to all three (3) recreational facilities (Campus Recreation Center, The WELL and The FIT)
  • Basketball Courts
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Racquetball & Squash Courts
  • Indoor Running Track
  • Fitness Orientations
  • Eligible to participate in Intramural Sports
    • With a valid membership & USF ID Card only
    • USF RecWell Community Memberships are not eligible to participate in IM leagues

WELL & FIT Only Membership 

What's included in a WELL & FIT Only Membership?

  • Access to two (2) recreational satellite facilities (The WELL and The FIT)
  • Group Fitness Classes at The WELL (only)
  • Outdoor Pool at The FIT

To purchase/renew membership online, it can be found under the "Type" column below (based upon USF ID status printed on your card). Membership can also be purchased in-person from our Membership Services team at the Campus Recreation Center (location and hours can be found here).


Visa/MC is the only form of payment accepted for online or in person memberships purchases.  

Membership Rates

Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff Rate
Type Access Monthly Annual
Faculty & Staff Full Access $36.30 $316.45
New & Renewal WELL & FIT $20.00 $200.00

Faculty & Staff – Payroll Deduction

Faculty & Staff – Payroll Deduction Rate
Type Access Monthly Annual
Faculty & Staff Full Access $36.30 $316.45
New & Renewal Payroll Deduction Well & FIT n/a $200.00

*To be eligible for payroll deducation, USF ID must state Faculty or Staff Only.


Affiliate Rate
Type Access  Monthly Annual
Affiliate Full Access $39.93 $344.85
New & Renewal WELL & FIT $22.50 $225.00

*USF ID Card status must state one of the following to be eligible (Adj. Faculty, House Staff, OPS Staff, Post Doc Scholar, Courtesy, Courtesy Faculty, Professor Emeritus, Retiree, or Sr. Citizen’s with a “student” ID card).  


Alumni Rate
Type Access Monthly Annual
Alumni Full Access $45.37 $381.15
New & Renewal WELL & FIT $24.00 $240.00

*Must provide proof of ALUMNI USF ID card to be eligible.  


Community Rate
Type Access Monthly Annual
Community Full Access $45.37 $395.56
New & Renewal WELL & FIT $24.00 $240.00

*First time registration required in person at Membership Services during operational hours of Monday -  Friday from 9am – 5pm (excluding holidays & semester breaks).

One time fee of $15/plus tax will be required to purchase a RecWell Community Card along with appropriate membership chosen.  

Student Semester Off

Student Semester Off Rate
Type Access Monthly Annual
Student Semester Off Full Access $26.48 Not Available
New & Renewal WELL & FIT $15.00 Not Available


A valid USF Alumni ID is required to purchase a Recreation & Wellness Alumni Membership. You can purchase an Alumni ID on USF's ID Card website

Group Fitness

Classes are included in all Memberships.  But note if only purchasing a WELL & FIT only membership, those classes at WELL facility will only accessible.  Not able to register for GF classes at Main Rec Center for Full Access membership required.  

Intramural Sports

RecWell Full Access membership required in order to participate in any intramural activity. Note: USF RecWell Community Not Eligible.   

Outdoor Recreation

RecWell Full Access membership is required for all bike rentals and repairs as well as rental of camping equipment.  

The fine print

  • Prices quoted above do not include applicable sales tax
  • Visa & Mastercard only
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • All memberships valid from date of purchase
  • Monthly memberships are non-refundable
  • Current USF ID or Recreation & Wellness Community Card required
  • Students and Faculty/Staff with tuition waivers must purchase appropriate membership
  • Appropriate employment will be verified at time of purchase
  • A valid membership gives access to all Recreation & Wellness facilities on the Tampa campus (includes building, pools, classes, parks, and outdoor spaces)
  • Full Membership Terms & Conditions can be found here.