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Spring Membership and Personal Training Campaign

Fitness is the Goal, 2022 is the Year! 

Are you ready to make 2022 your year?! We're here to help you meet your fitness goals and make 2022 your year! For the month of January, we are offering a one-time offer of special pricing for membership and personal training that you can take advantage of. See below for more details on this limited-time offer! 

When you purchase a 1-year Annual  OR 4-Month Block Membership from January 1 – January 31, 2022, you will receive:

  • 22% OFF of your membership rate.
  • 22% OFF Code 4,8 or 12 personal training sessions – will only be provided after purchasing one of the two membership promotions being offered.

Annual & 4 MONTH Membership

  • Ready to commit for the whole year? Purchase our Annual Membership
  • Not sure you're ready to commit for the whole year? That's okay – our 4-Month Block membership is the perfect FIT for you!
  • Price stated is 22%-off of our regular Annual and 4-Month Block Membership rate, plus applicable sale tax
  • One-time offer 4-month block membership are non-refundable. Annual memberships are refundable on case-by-case basis and will not be based on the promotional amount paid but the normal rate if cancelled.
  • Membership Promotion only valid  for purchase during month of January 1 – January 31, 2022
  • Personal Training Sessions must be purchased online and redeemed anytime between January 1 – February 28, 2022

Membership Rate Chart with 22% – Off Promotion

Annual Membership Rates 
Membership Type Current Annual Cost 22% Discount Cost with Discount TAX TOTAL
Faculty/Staff Full Access $316.20 $69.56 $246.64 18.50 $265.14
Faculty/Staff WELL & FIT $200.00 $44.00 $156.00 $11.70 $167.70
Uni. Affil. Full Access $344.85 $75.87 $268.98 $20.17 $289.15
Univ. WELL & FIT $225.00 $49.50 $175.50 $13.16 $188.66
Alumni Full Access $381.15 $83.85 $297.30 $22.30 $319.60
Alumni WELL & FIT $240.00 $52.80 $187.20 $14.04 $201.24
RecWell Comm Full Acc. $395.56 $87.02 $308.54 $23.14 $331.68
RecWell WELL & Fit $240.00 $52.80 $187.20 $14.04 $201.24
4-Month Block Membership Rates
Membership Type Current Monthly Cost x 4 Months 22% Discount Cost with Discount  TAX TOTAL
F/S Full Access $36.30 x 4 = $145.20 $31.94 $113.26 $8.49 $121.75
F/S Well & FIT Only $20.00 x 4 = $80.00 $17.60 $62.40 $4.68 $67.08
Univ Affil. Full Access $39.93 x 4 = $159.72 $35.14 $124.58 $9.34 $133.92
Univ Affil. WELL & FIT $22.50 x 4 = $90.00 $19.80 $70.20 $5.27 $75.47
Alumni Full Access $45.37 x 4 = $181.48 $39.93 $141.55 $10.62 $152.17
Alumni WELL & FIT $24.00 x 4 = $96.00 $21.12 $74.88 $5.62 $80.50
RecWell Full Access $45.37 x 4 = $181.48 $39.93 $141.55 $10.62 $152.17
RecWell WELL & FIT  $24.00 x 4 = $96.00 $21.12 $74.88 $5.62 $80.50

*Must purchase package which consist of 4-month block membership



Must have a USF ID or RecWell Community to be considered eligible for the promotion. A copy of a USF ID or RecWELL Community card must be sent to in ADVANCE of being able to choose this online system to purchase membership during the month of Jan. 2022. 

Eligibile for Purchase 

Faculty and Staff Members

Faculty and staff members at University of South Florida are eligible to purchase a RecWell "Annual Only" membership with Payroll Deduction

USF ID must state Faculty or Staff to be eligible for payroll deduction payment option. 

Alumni and Community 


All graduates of USF at the University of South Florida are eligible to purchase an Alumni RecWell membership and must have have alumni USF ID card for purchase at the USF Card Center SVC 1032 813-974-2357 for more information. 

Must email a copy of their USF ID to prior to purchasing online membership. 


For those with a current RecWell COMMUNITY card – you will be able to purchase an online membership. Prior to processing and fulfilling renewal "community" membership, we musty VERIFY the USF affiliation is still accurately notated on account before we are able to fulfill and process the online order. 

New Member purchase must be complete in person with a sponser at Membership Services in the Recreation Center during our operational hours of Monday-Friday 9am-5pm effective Jan. 3rd, 2022. 

*If you do not have a RecWell Community, you MUST have a USF sponsor to purchase a membership.


Affiliates of University of South Florida are eligible to purchase a RecWell Membership. Fee is based upon access type and status printed on your USF ID. At this time we can only accept NEW & RENEWAL memberships for those who already have USF ID. 

If you do not have a USF ID card, you must contact USF Card Center for more information at (813)-974-2357.


  • Online system is for NEW & RENEWAL Memberships ONLY
  • Membership promotion valid for purchase ONLY during January 1, 2022 – January 31, 2022
  • Personal training promotion valid for purchase ONLY during January 1, 2022 – February 28, 2022; Must have purchased one of the membership promotions to receive special Personal Training Code.
  • Both membership promotions are valid from date of purchase. If you wish to only purchase month to month and not take advantage of 2022 promotion, please reference our normal membership rate page
  • One-Time Offer – 4 month block memberships are non-refundable. 
  • A valid membership gives access to all Recreation & Wellness facilities on the Tampa campus (including pools, group fitness classes, and Riverfront Park) depending on type of membership purchased.
    • Full Access membership includes Rec Center, WELL & FIT
    • WELL & FIT only membership includes access to two satellite facilities 
  • Only 1 Membership Promotion can be purchased during the month of January. Neither package can be combined. 
  • Semester-off memberships not eligible for either of the membership promotions.
  • Membership fees are paid online by credit card – Visa & Mastercard only plus sales tax. 
  • Fee is based upon access type and membership option chosen.
  • When purchasing online, please use Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge as your web browser. 
  • All memberships must also have parking pass to park on campus, contact Parking & Transportation at (813)-974-3990.



For questions and inquires, please contact our Membership Services Office at (813) 974-7084 or email or Renee Seay, Membership Services Coordinator,