Arrival & Orientation

Complete Your iStart

Post-Arrival E-Forms

You must complete post-arrival e-forms on your Glo-Bull Start Checklist prior to participating in Document Check. E-forms are used to upload specific documents, immigration details, and provide information about arrival. You must provide information for at least one emergency contact (US and/or foreign) to our office. This information is only used for emergency purposes.

Contact Information Requirements

USF is required to report the local US address, phone number, and email of all F-1 and J-1 students and scholars to the federal government. Please maintain updated information in OASIS under Personal Information.

Reporting Your Local (US) Address

Address changes must be provided through OASIS within 10 days of any move. A valid local address is required to complete Document Check even if you will initially be staying at a hotel or with friends/family. Don’t forget to update your address once you find permanent housing! Do NOT report foreign addresses, PO Boxes, departmental addresses, or USF's main address. You do not need report changes when you leave the US.