On-Campus Employment

Guidelines for Seeking Employment

The best ways to find a position on-campus is through:

  • USF Human Resources Student Employment
  • Your department or college can also be a good resource for finding an on-campus position.  If you are interested in working with one of the on-campus commercial firms, you may want to visit their establishment to see how they post openings.

Please note that international students do not qualify for Federal Work Study (FWS) positions.  Instead you should look for Student Employment and OPS positions.

Job Searching Tips

  • After you submit your application, you must wait to be contacted by the employer
  • Wait to be called in for your appointment; do not walk into someone's office uninvited
  • DO NOT return to the employer or call the employer on a regular basis (this could be seen as harassment in this culture)
  • Bring a one-page resume with you to each interview
  • An offer letter will only be given to you if a position is available and you are one of the candidates being considered
  • If a position is offered to you, you MUST report to the job as instructed
  • If for some reason you cannot accept the job, it is courteous to call, send a letter, or e-mail the employer to explain why you are unable to accept the position
  • If you accept the job offer, you are expected to report to work on time, follow the rules of the office or workplace, and always contact your supervisor if you are unable to come to work 
  • Dress professionally and speak with your employer about their specific workplace dress code, Below are some examples:
    • Long pants for and appropriate shirts for men
    • Dresses or slacks and appropriate shirts for woman
    • Pay attention to personal hygiene
    • Do not wear low-cut blouses or dresses
    • Do not wear shorts
    • Do not wear sandals or flip flops
  • Businesses count on their employees, so it is important to work the hours that you agree to work
  • If you wish to leave a job, it is proper to write an official resignation letter to your supervisor two weeks prior to leaving
  • Do not accept an offer of off-campus employment without seeing an IS advisor first to make sure you won't be in violation of immigration laws