On-Campus Employment

What Is Considered On-Campus

  • Work on the school grounds where the student is employed directly by the I-20 or DS-2019 issuing institution (USF). Students are only authorized to work on the USF campus listed on their I-20 or DS-2019.

  • Work on the school premises, where the student is employed by a commercial firm which provides essential services to students.  Some examples of these on-campus commercial firms are Aramark (Provides Food Services On-Campus), USF Bookstore, or Moffitt.*

  • Some areas on campus are questionable. For example the Research Park you could be hired by USF to work at the front desk which would be considered on-campus. However they also leases out spaces to outside companies and to professors for personal research. If you are hired by one of these entities this would not be considered has on-campus employment.*  

  • There are other areas on-campus that are known to not be considered on-campus such as Publix, Embassy Suites, and Tutor-a-Bull*

  • You also cannot Uber, Lyft, work for note-taking companies, work for companies outside US while living in the US, or sell items on-line*

*If the position is on the USF campus, but not paid with a USF check, please ask OIS before you accept the offer of employment.