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Campers receive real laboratory experience

OCG — Final Preparation!

This time, though, the campers have real laboratory experience under their belts, and the lab projects will be presented in the same style as an academic conference, with power points, images, graphs, and even formal dress.

June 30, 2016Girls Camp

OCG girls participated in an activity called Fish Banks.

OCG Food for Thought — Fish Banks

Today the girls participated in an activity called Fish Banks, a game that simulates the fishing industry (and my personal favorite part of OCG!).

June 30, 2016Girls Camp

OCG girls performed simple experiments that helped describe ecological and molecular biological principles.

OCG Labs — Sea Squirt Microbiomes

The girls of OCG were able to spend two half days at the Dishaw Lab in USF SP to help identify & explore characteristics of the microbes from a marine organism.

June 30, 2016Girls Camp

Creating scale models, coral reef cake.

Coral Reef Cake

In order to teach the campers about the physical features and environmental factors at play on coral reefs, therefore, we have to rely on creating scale models.

June 27, 2016Girls Camp

The transmission electron microscope, or TEM, and scanning electron microscope, or SEM.

OCG Labs – Electron Microscopy

In the Electron Microscopy lab, the girls learned how to use both of the most powerful, expensive microscopes available at the College of Marine Science.

June 27, 2016Girls Camp

The life of an academic researcher

OCG Labs – From Field to Mapmaking

The girls learned surveying, plant identification, and sediment sampling.

June 27, 2016Girls Camp

OCG Career Days

Career Days at OCG

On Career Day, campers are able to experience the diversity of jobs in the field of oceanography, and explore careers options.

June 25, 2016Girls Camp

Mission Statement

Our blue planet faces a suite of challenges and opportunities for understanding and innovation. Our mission is to advance understanding of the interconnectivity of ocean systems and human-ocean interactions using a cross-disciplinary approach, to empower the next workforce of the blue economy with a world-class education experience, and to share our passion for a healthy environment and science-informed decision-making with community audiences near and far.