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USF Zimmerman School students create COVID-19 vaccination campaign being implemented by professional business organization

The Manasota Black Chamber of Commerce (MBCC) is in the process of implementing a campaign created by students in the USF Zimmerman School of Advertising & Mass Communications that would assist in its efforts to encourage communities of color to get the COVID-19 vaccine (USF Newsfeed).

June 29, 2021Health, Student Research

Florida High Tech Corridor Program Matches Emerging USF Talent, Startups & Industry

From autonomous vehicles to drug development to cybersecurity, USF researchers exploring new frontiers in these rapidly expanding fields are part of a larger mosaic of innovation that extends across the state through the Florida High Tech Corridor (Mirage News).

June 23, 2021Innovation, Research, Student Research

Florida High Tech Corridor Program Matches Emerging USF Talent, Startups & Industry

USF Research & Innovation asked students who are part of the Florida High Tech Corridor's Matching Research Grants Projects to share their experiences. Here are their stories.

June 22, 2021Innovation, Research, Student Research

The Byrne lab goes West: three CMS students set sail on 45-day Pacific Ocean cruise

The major goal is to understand trends in the Pacific Ocean, with a specific focus on environmental parameters that influence ocean acidification — a major threat to ocean health, food security, economies, and more (USF College of Marine Science).

June 15, 2021Research, Student Research

New method to improve durability of nano-electronic components to help further semiconductor manufacturing and resilience

USF Mechanical Engineering assistant professor Michael Cai Wang and his research team recently developed a novel approach to mitigating electromigration in nanoscale electronic interconnects that are ubiquitous in state-of-the-art integrated circuits (USF Newsroom).

May 18, 2021Innovation, Research, Student Research

USF Senior Withers Selected for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship; Three Other USF Students Earn Honorable Mentions

USF Senior Zachary Withers is selected for a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Three additional USF students earn honorable mention in the prestigious program’s annual process.

April 21, 2021Honors and Awards, Research, Student Research

USF student’s internship at NASA is a ‘perfect intersection of STEM and equity’

USF senior Lisette Melendez has earned a year-long internship with NASA, assisting in its efforts to increase the diversity of its workforce and foster a more inclusive environment for its employees (USF Newsroom).

March 22, 2021Research, Student Research

USF engineering department launches satellites on SpaceX rocket, plans to continue investing in technologies

USF’s Institute of Applied Engineering launched three satellites equipped with “revolutionary” communication technology into space Jan 24, leading the way for new collaboration among universities on future projects (USF Oracle).

March 9, 2021Innovation, Research, Student Research

USF student-built satellites launched into orbit by SpaceX

A recent SpaceX launch took three satellites built by University of South Florida students to space on a communications mission (Fox 13).

February 17, 2021Innovation, Research, Student Research

Satellites engineered by USF students and faculty launch during world record mission

Three of the 143 satellites aboard spaceflight company SpaceX’s first dedicated rideshare mission were engineered by students and faculty at the USF Institute of Applied Engineering (College of Engineering).

January 29, 2021Innovation, Student Research

Lost African American Cemeteries Researched By USF Students

The research team's focus will center on Zion Cemetery in Tampa and St. Petersburg's Oaklawn Cemetery (Patch).

January 4, 2021Research, Student Research

Campus Food Waste Recovery Project earns USF Student Success Team Collaboration award

Up to 40 percent of food that is produced in the U.S. goes to waste and it’s impacting our health, according to USF College of Public Health doctoral candidate Whitney Fung Uy.

December 21, 2020Honors and Awards, Research, Student Research


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