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USF lab developing breathalyzer to detect COVID-19

A strange looking device in an engineering laboratory at the University of South Florida could lead to a big medical breakthrough and a big prize. It’s called the Bull Nose and when it’s perfected, engineers believe it will electronically ‘smell’ COVID-19 on the breath of people who are infected (Fox 13).

October 6, 2020Health, Innovation, Student Research

USF Partner in Costa Rica Launches the Country’s First Program to Detect Coronavirus in Wastewater

With more than 5,000 beach surveys, 500 behavioral observations, and 80 interviews to digest, and water quality data to crunch, it was time to celebrate this phase of their NSF-funded coastal health study called MERA, which included several trainings by the USF team to help their colleagues get up to speed on a suite of environmental monitoring techniques (USF College of Marine Science).

July 29, 2020Global Research, Research, Student Research

USF Students Recognized in National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program

In the oldest fellowship of its kind, these students shine as future leaders in research, innovation and teaching (USFRI Newsroom).

June 19, 2020Honors and Awards, Research, Student Research

Tell Me About Your Thesis. You Have 3 Minutes. Go!

Meet the graduate student winners of USF's 3MT® Skills competition (USF Newsroom).

April 28, 2020Innovation, Student Research

USF Grad Student Researchers Celebrate Achievements in Florida High Tech Corridor Projects

Students are a key part of the USF's partnership with the Florida High Tech Corridor's effort to grow the regional STEM talent pipeline (USF Research).

April 14, 2020Student Research

USF student awarded virtual research opportunity amid unprecedented times

USF student Alexander Mercier was selected as one of 10 people in the entire country to learn from renowned researchers at the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) in New Mexico this summer. However, he will have to carry it out virtually due to uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic (USF Oracle).

April 14, 2020Student Research

USF Food Insecurity Study Prompts Changes to Local School Lunch Program

Low-income teenagers facing food insecurity were more likely to eat cheese sandwiches during school lunch and be bullied because of it according to a recent study conducted by USF researchers. The study was designed to learn about the ways in which teens face food scarcity and on what changes they would like to see (USF Newsroom).

March 9, 2020Student Research

Student rocketeers at USF compete in college space race for $1 million prize

USF’s Society of Aeronautics and Rocketry (SOAR) is competing against much bigger and better-funded college programs in an epic space race for $1 million (WFTS).

February 10, 2020Innovation, Student Research

Annual Student Research Symposium

The 17th Annual Student Research Symposium will be held on April 16th, 2020. The purpose of the Research Symposium is to showcase the innovative research and creative work that USF St. Petersburg students have produced during the year under the tutelage and with the support of the university’s faculty.

January 20, 2020Student Research

USF Receives $1 Million NSF Grant to Support Underrepresented STEM Students

Interdisciplinary USF team launching $1 million S-STEM scholarship project to support graduate students underrepresented in STEM (USF College of Engineering).

December 17, 2019Student Research

Entrepreneurship Student has Knack for Startups

Program cultivates students to forge new businesses, enhancing St. Petersburg’s culture of innovation (St. Pete campus).

November 5, 2019Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Student Research


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