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USF-trained shipwreck hunter makes major discovery

Using a technique known as side-scan sonar, a team led by USF alum David Mearns and The Royal Canadian Geographical Society found Shackleton’s last ship off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

June 18, 2024Global Research

USF using AI to help combat malaria in Africa

Funded by the NIH, the project is an international effort that will establish a new research center in Africa to advance malaria research and deploy advanced smart traps for real-time identification of mosquitoes carrying the malaria parasite.

June 6, 2024Global Research, Health

Stella and Sam: a pair of gliders on a mission

Stella and Sam are part of the USF College of Marine Science’s fleet of oceanic gliders, the data-collecting workhorses of oceanography.

September 28, 2023Global Research, Research, Student Research

Uncovering ancient history: USF team discovers 2,000-year-old Roman house during excavation in Malta

A team of researchers and six students from the University of South Florida have discovered a centuries-old house in exceptional condition during an excavation in Malta, a country located in the Mediterranean Sea.

July 26, 2023Global Research, Research, Student Research

Survival of the seeds: USF researchers examine what it takes for trees to thrive

Assistant professor in the USF College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Integrative Biology, Dr. Paul-Camilo Zalamea is preparing a four-year research study on plant-soil microbial interactions, after receiving a $1.5 million grant through the National Science Foundation (NSF).

July 25, 2023Global Research, Research

Department of Defense awards USF professor $700,000 to study Kremlin propaganda and internet usage patterns among Russians

Professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies and director of the USF Institute for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies (IREES), Golfo Alexopoulos, has been awarded a $700,000 grant to study Russian speakers in online spaces, including Kremlin propaganda and internet usage patterns among Russians.

July 19, 2023Global Research, Research

Centuries-old teeth could indicate the effectiveness of pandemic quarantines

Through DNA analysis, USF researchers will trace the evolution of genetics in individuals who died from the Black Death during quarantine, helping determine the effectiveness of containment measures, such as isolation and masks.

July 11, 2023Global Research, Research

A good seaweed surprise for Florida: Floating mass has actually shrunk, reasons unclear

The Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt—the scientific name for the massive mat of floating brown seaweed that annually washes up on beaches around the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and east coast of Florida—shrank 15% last month, according to a University of South Florida research lab that uses satellites to track sargassum.

June 2, 2023Global Research, Research

Past climate change to blame for Antarctica’s giant underwater landslides

An international team of scientists found weak biologically rich layers of sediments hundreds of metres beneath the seafloor which crumbled as oceans warmed and ice sheets declined.

May 18, 2023Global Research, Research

Global classroom collaboration with Moldova wins international partnerships award

A global classroom experience that brought together USF students with peers in Moldova to conduct joint research while an international humanitarian crisis was unfolding nearby received the inaugural International Partnerships Award from two political science associations.

May 11, 2023Global Research, Student Research

USF scientist discovers culprit behind massive sea urchin die-off

University of South Florida professor Mya Breitbart has used her work in microbiology to discover the organism responsible for a significant increase in long-spined sea urchin deaths last year.

May 10, 2023Global Research, Research

Southern Ocean Science – a different kind of SOS?

Antarctica might seem like another world away, but what happens on the icy continent has repercussions globally.

May 8, 2023Global Research, Research


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