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Eight USF Faculty Members Named New AAAS Fellows

In fields spanning psychology, molecular medicine, geosciences and child and family studies, these leading faculty members have earned one of academia’s highest honors.

November 24, 2020Global Research, Honors and Awards, Research

Three USF Faculty Members Named to Prestigious Clarivate’s Annual Highly Cited Researchers List 

Three USF professors are among the ranks of the world’s most influential researchers for 2020.

November 18, 2020Global Research, Honors and Awards

Method used to track Ebola’s trajectory being applied to COVID-19

What exactly happened in Asia that caused SARS-CoV-2 to rapidly spread across the region and then essentially came to a halt there? That’s what researchers from the University of South Florida are trying to determine in a new study funded by an NSF Rapid Response grant (USF Newsroom).

October 5, 2020Global Research, Innovation, Research

USF researcher applying method used to track Ebola's trajectory to COVID-19

A University of South Florida researcher is involved in a new study to determine what caused SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) to rapidly spread across Asia, and then essentially come to a halt there. This work is being funded by a National Science Foundation (NSF) Rapid Response grant (Florida Trend).

October 5, 2020Global Research, Health, Innovation

Dinosaur feather study debunked

A new study provides substantial evidence that the first fossil feather ever to be discovered does belong to the iconic Archaeopteryx, a bird-like dinosaur named in Germany on this day in 1861. This debunks a recent theory that the fossil feather originated from a different species (USF Newsroom).

September 30, 2020Global Research, Research

USF Partner in Costa Rica Launches the Country’s First Program to Detect Coronavirus in Wastewater

With more than 5,000 beach surveys, 500 behavioral observations, and 80 interviews to digest, and water quality data to crunch, it was time to celebrate this phase of their NSF-funded coastal health study called MERA, which included several trainings by the USF team to help their colleagues get up to speed on a suite of environmental monitoring techniques (USF College of Marine Science).

July 29, 2020Global Research, Research, Student Research

USF launches research initiative to better understand and address racism in local, national and international communities

The university will invest $500,000 to support interdisciplinary projects with a goal to foster anti-racism, build community partnerships (USF Newsroom).

July 20, 2020Global Research, Research

Pandemics and International Travel

Timothy H. Dixon, author of Curbing Catastrophe, is a Professor of Geology and Geophysics at the University of South Florida, Tampa, and a former commercial pilot (Cambridge University Blog).

June 2, 2020Global Research, Health

A Message to the USF Faculty: Guidance on Disclosing Foreign Relationships

The University of South Florida values its research community and recognizes the significant public benefit that comes from your scientific advances and discoveries, many of which would not be possible without our international faculty, students and staff and global collaborations. Faculty are asked to review this recent message on disclosing foreign research relationships.

February 14, 2020Global Research

USF professor patent could help slow Coronavirus spread in China

A professor at the University of South Florida may hold the key to helping slow the spread of Coronavirus. Dr. Yogi Goswami is an inventor and distinguished professor of chemical and biomedical engineering at USF. He created a unique technology that doesn’t just filter air, it actually kills viruses and other pathogens in the air too small for filtration (WFLA).

February 10, 2020Global Research, Health, Innovation

Doing Research in the Harshest Place on Earth - Antarctica

When it comes to learning how tiny sea creatures move through water, there is no place on Earth that David Murphy won’t travel to. That sense of purpose led the mechanical engineering assistant professor to the National Science Foundation’s Palmer Station on Antarctica’s Anvers Island for a week at the end of 2019 (USF College of Engineering).

January 29, 2020Global Research

Research at the ends of the earth

From the heights of Mount Everest to the bottom of the ocean, some researchers go to extremes in their quest for scientific solutions (AAMC).

December 16, 2019Global Research

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