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Juneteenth: The complicated history, significance and celebration around the struggle for freedoml

Juneteenth has become the most well-known celebration for the ending of slavery in the United States and viewed by some as America’s second Independence Day. But the history of this important celebration is complex and often misunderstood.

June 17, 2024Research

New study shows vitamin C boosts DNA damage and cell death in melanoma cells

Researchers found that melanoma cells have more DNA damage and fewer antioxidant defenses compared to normal skin cells. When treated with hydrogen peroxide and vitamin C, melanoma cells showed even more DNA damage and higher cell death rates, while normal cells were protected.

June 3, 2024Health, Research

USF researcher unlocking mysteries of brain development with advanced imaging and virtual reality

Through high-tech imaging and virtual reality, a University of South Florida medical engineering professor is creating a detailed map of the brain that can be used to better understand developmental disorders, such as autism, and provide earlier, more effective treatments for brain injuries and diseases.

May 23, 2024Research

National survey by USF researchers shows voter opinions on immigration and border security, impact of politics on mental health and election distrust

Researchers at the University of South Florida have released findings from a nationwide survey that measures attitudes related to key election issues. The survey, sponsored by Cyber Florida at USF, addresses how Americans feel about topics including immigration and border security, election distrust, the impact of politics on voters’ mental health and social media usage.

May 15, 2024Research

Hurricane preparedness takes many forms - USF providing support on all fronts

When a hurricane makes its way into the Gulf of Mexico, it has the potential to impact the entire Tampa Bay region. That’s why researchers at USF’s campuses in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota-Manatee are involved in a number of innovative endeavors and public initiatives to better prepare communities for the next storm.

May 6, 2024Research

Brain injuries in U.S. Special Operations Forces aren’t easy to detect, USF helping develop a solution

Through its partnership with U.S. Special Operations Command, the USF Institute of Applied Engineering has co-led an illuminating study that found repeated exposure to low-level blasts is associated with signs of brain injury in Special Operations Forces.

April 22, 2024Research

Stars vs. numbers: How consumers perceive online rating formats

TAMPA - Mathematically speaking, scoring 3.5 out of 5 is the same as receiving three and a half stars on a five-star scale. But visually speaking, the numbers don’t add up.

April 15, 2024Research

USF researcher reveals the hidden story behind one of St. Augustine’s most famous attractions

New details have emerged about the history of one of St. Augustine’s most popular tourist attractions. University of South Florida Spanish Professor David Arbesú tediously pieced together documents that were scattered around the world that helped connect the dots about the life of Francisco López de Mendoza Grajales, believed to be the first priest in the United States.

April 9, 2024Research

Twenty-five years later, astronomy professor gets second chance to witness total solar eclipse

Astronomy Professor of Instruction Kevin MacKay is determined to make his upcoming road trip better than the one in 1999 when he took a group of students to England to see a total solar eclipse.

April 2, 2024Research

New USF think tank tackles cybersecurity challenges

Nearly 60 USF researchers from seven colleges convened in February for the Cybersecurity Think Tank meeting, which coincided with the public release of the 2024 Threat Assessment annual report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

April 1, 2024Research

USF research reveals language barriers limit effectiveness of cybersecurity resources

Ngo, a University of South Florida criminologist, had spoken with a Vietnamese language network in California about her interest in better understanding how people become victims of cybercrime.

April 1, 2024Research

Sea urchin killer spreads to new species, region

A parasite that devastated long-spined sea urchins in the Caribbean and Florida in 2022 has caused another die-off more than 7,000 miles away in the Sea of Oman.

March 25, 2024Research


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