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Executive Branch
Name Position Email
Alexandra Lopez Governor

Bethsagesna Thalon Lieutenant Governor

Lucas Kennedy Deputy Financial Officer
Elisabeth Lee Deputy Chief of Staff
Valeria Ferrari Student Legal Advocate
TBD ERC Deputy of Elections  
Legislative Branch
Name Position Email
Caranton Swank Senator

Alexis Santi Senator

Melissa Jean Baptiste Senator

Vacant Senator


Ivelina Kirilova Campus Council Chair

Dylan Schumucker Campus Council Vice Chair

Vacant Campus Council Member


Kendra Arnold Campus Council Member
Meagan Durinzi Campus Council Member
Paolo Dicanio Campus Council Member
Vacant Campus Council Member  
Malik Staton Campus Council Member
Judicial Branch
Name Position Email
Ninad Deshpande Supreme Court Justice
Nicole Andersen Supreme Court Justice
Vincent Milianta Supreme Court Justice

Marketing & Promotions
Name Position Email
Juliana Reslan Director

Erica Moran Coordinator of Promotions
TBD Coordinator of Promotions  
Name Position Email
Olivia Hamal Director of Programming
Spence Gerber Assistant Director of Programming


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