Tampa SG

Tampa Activity & Service Fee Funded Departments

Student Government not only allocates student fees to student organizations, but also to some Student Life offices. These offices aim to improve the student experience while they are at USF.

Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement

The vision of the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement is that each USF student becomes an educated and empowered catalyst for positive social change. This office puts on programs that promote leadership development and civic engagement in the community. They also support and promote all 600+ student organizations.

The Center for Student Involvement

The Center for Student Involvement aims to empower students to author their own experiences through socially and culturally diverse involvement opportunities and co-curricular programs that engage students, develop global leaders, build traditions, and cultivate university pride. This office puts on many programs and activities throughout the year and they support all fraternal initiatives.

Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs coordinates educational, cultural, and social programs to foster experiences which create interculturally mature global citizens who are prepared to thrive in diverse environments. While promoting intercultural dialogue, awareness, advocacy and respect for diversity, OMA helps students understand and appreciate a multitude of identities. Through programming, trainings, and direct connections with our staff and

New Student Connections

New Student Connections exists to create and support shared experiences that connect students to the USF campus and to one another. The programs that New Student Connections and other organizations offer facilitate these shared experiences, which help students start their college career on the right foot. NSC thrives on student success and creating an easy, fun transition into the Bull lifestyle.

Marshall Student Center

The Marshall Student Center is a vibrant gathering place that strengthens a person's connectivity to USF, cultivates a sense of community, and hosts campus traditions by providing exceptional facilities, event services, and student employment opportunities.

Recreation and Wellness

Recreation and Wellness enriches the educational experience by providing opportunities that focus on the development of lifelong wellness skills for students, faculty, and staff. We provide diverse programs, services, and facilities which provide opportunities for physical activity and contribute to learning in safe, challenging, and supportive environments.

Student Accessibility Services

SAS promotes equitable and accessible education, meaningful self-advocacy, awareness of disability issues and inclusiveness for the USF community. Student Government is proud to fund an event with SAS that helps to raise awareness around disabilities.

Student Publications

Student Publications help to get news and information to the students. Student Government has provided funding to the Oracle so that student organizations can advertise for free in the paper.

SG Advising

Student Government Advising is the advising team for Student Government. These staff members focus on building and developing strong, ethical leaders.