Candidate Bios

Candidate Bios for the Spring 2023 Elections can be found below.

Submitting bios were not required, so not every candidate may have one.

Budget Statements

706.4.4.1. All original and final campaign Budget Statements shall be posted on the Student Government Website and/or official Student Government social media.

Sarasota-manatee Candidates

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Sarasota-Manatee Legislative
Name Campus Council Senate*
Maegan Durinzi x  
Valeria Ferrari x x
Alexis Santi x  


Sarasota-Manatee Executive
Name Governor/Lt Governor President/Vice President
No Election Fall 2022    

Saint petersburg Candidates

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Tampa Candidates

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Tampa Legislative
See Candidate Bios    

Tampa Executive
Name Governor/Lt. Governor President/Vice President
See Candidate Bios    


* These races include uncontested candidates