Legislative Branch


The mission of the Student Government at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg  campus is to be the premier opportunity in becoming engaged, provide the setting for all students to be equally heard and represented, and maximally enhance each students experience and development.

Welcome to the 1st Consolidated Term of Student Government Senate! The Legislative Branch is comprised of the Senate and is responsible for being the voice of the student body through their elected representatives. The Senate is composed of representatives, known as Senators. There are 20 seats in the Senate. Primarily, the Senate allocates all Activity and Service fee appropriations including student organizations, departments, and programs. Each student pays the fee in their tuition. Enacting, amending, or repealing statutes of Student Government as well as resolutions under the authority of the Senate. The Senate may propose constitutional amendments, and confirm or deny Executive Appointees. In addition, the Senate may override a veto by the Student Body President with a two-thirds vote. Student body engagement through outreach events, social media, and town halls are always a high priority for the Senate.

To join the Senate, you must be elected by students during the General (Spring) or Mid-term (Fall) Election cycle. As a Senator, you are responsible for attending at least two of the 5 standing committees in Senate. In addition, you will attend regular Senate General Assembly meetings which occur every Mondays at 5 PM. We invite you to attend a session and see the dedication and commitment that your fellow students, elected representatives, have in serving the students at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. If you are unable to attend or want to learn more, browse through the Legislative branches official documents or visit us in the Student Government Suite SLC 1500.

With Activity and Service fees, the Senate funds several entities, including the following: Over 100 Student Organizations, the Sports Club Federation, Campus Recreation Center, The Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, The Center for Leadership and Student Organizations, University Student Center, New Student Connections, The Office of Multicultural Affairs, Student Government Advising and Training, Student Life and Engagement, The Student Government Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches, Waterfront, and Harborside Activities Board.