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Tampa Annual Funding Process

Annual Funding 24-25

What is CAFC?

The purpose of the Campus Allocation Funding Committee (CAFC) is to, through a fair and viewpoint neutral process, prepare the annual budget bill for the Activity and Service Recommendation Committee.

This annual budget consists of 12 Student Success Departments and 250+ student organizations. These entities are funded through the Activity and Service (A&S) fee.

This fee is paid by every Tampa student as a $7.00 flat fee and $12.08 per credit hour, per semester. The A&S fee supports student governing boards and programs and student organizations to improve services directly related to student activities.

These services include but are not limited to: the USF Homecoming Concert, USF Recreation and Wellness, the Marshall Student Center and USF Week of Welcome.

Student Government, through the annual and interim process, allocate these departments and student organizations based off standards created by Student Government in accordance with Florida Statute 1009.24.

CAFC is comprised of 6 USF student voting members, 2 alternate USF student members, 1 USF student non-voting member, and 3 USF non-voting staff members. You can refer to Student Government’s Statutes on BullsConnect to see a more detailed list of these members and their roles.

CAFC Chair: Emma Goodwin, USF SG Campus Council Member; sg-tpacafc@usf.edu
CAFC Vice-Chair: Katherine Kozlowski,  USF SG Campus Council Member; sg-tpacafc@usf.edu

Dates to Remember

  • Friday, February 2nd, 2024 @ 4:59pm - Deadline for RSO Annual Budget Submission

Budget TRAINING & APPLICATION | FY 2024-2025

This year, the budget process has been simplified and unified into a virtual Canvas course. Executive Board members MUST complete the training and submit their application in order for their Registered Student Organization (RSO) to receive A&S funding for FY 2024-2025.

Please use the following link to enroll: https://usflearn.instructure.com/enroll/JFJHN6

NOTE: Optional Budget Q&A Sessions with CAFC will be held to assist you in the process:

Budget Q&A Sessions
Date Time Location
January 17, 2024 4-5pm

MSC 4304 or via Team

Click HERE to join 

January 23, 2024 5-6pm 

MSC 4304 or via Teams  

Click HERE to join 

January 29, 2024 5-6pm 

MSC 4304 or via Teams

Click HERE to join 

February 1, 2024 3:30-4:30pm 

MSC 4304 or via Team 

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 *Dates and times are subject to change.

Department Budget Presentations loacated in MSC 3700:

January 19,  2024


9:00am-9:35am SG Legislative Branch 
10:00am- 10:35am

Student Business Services 




Student Assessibility Services 





January 26,  2024
Time Department
9:00am-9:35am Federal Exec 


New Student Connections 

11:00am-11:35am Rec & Well
1:00pm-1:35pm Office Veterans Success 
2:00pm-2:35pm Tampa Exec 
3:00pm-3:35pm SAFE Team 

February 2, 2024

Time Department


Marshall Student Center 




Resource Management & Development 
1:00pm-1:35pm Office Multiculture Affairs 
2:00pm-2:35pm  Bulls Media 
3:00pm-3:35pm  Judicial Branch 
February 9, 2024


9:00am-9:35am Bulls Student Advisors 
10:00am-10:35am SGCS


Center for Sudent Involvement 

Annual Funding APPLICATION Documents

  • Annual Funding submissions are open until February 2nd. 

Student Government Microsoft Teams

All SG meetings are held in the Student Government Microsoft Team and are open/accessible to the USF community.

SG Team: To have access to all channels for a wide variety of meetings

Annual Funding Channel: To get direct access to the Tampa funding channel where all the workshop meetings will be held.