Our Purpose

Our primary work focus is to facilitate the inner workings of USF's Student Government by providing guidance, training and operational support to the current administration and employees.


To develop students in their role as Student Government leaders within the broader context of serving the University of South Florida students as one university, geographically distributed.


Creating adaptive, ethical environments where students aspire to change themselves, their university, and the world.

Strategic Goals

  • Provide students and staff with experiential learning opportunities and competency skills that advance their personal and professional goals (career readiness), serve the needs of their constituents, and support the student success mission of the university.
  • Provide accessible advising support that addresses the goals, means, and consequences of effective and ethical decision-making by student government students.
  • Collaborate with internal and external partners across three campuses to strengthen the Student Government consolidation into ONEUSF that provides an array of involvement and engagement opportunities for students/staff.
  • Use best practices in student governance advising to maximize the productivity of human, financial, physical and technological resources.

Defining values

We practice a holistic, learning partnership and developmental philosophy characterized by:

INTEGRITY - Developing moral and ethical leaders who implement student government and university principles and practices.
ADVOCACY - Representing our constituents and creating opportunities for positive change.
INCLUSIVITY - Creating a culture of respect that celebrates and embraces all.
CIVILITY - Acting courteous, kind and professional in our interactions across contexts.

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