Executive Branch


The Executive Branch is responsible for executing the initiatives and programs of Student Government.

The Student Body President and Vice President are elected during the spring elections and are responsible for appointing the leaders to various positions within their cabinet at the end of the spring semester. Get involved by joining Street Team or applying for a position within an Executive Branch department or agency.

The composition and authority of the Executive Branch shall be derived from the Student Body Constitution and the Student Government Statutes and further defined within the context of the Executive Administrative Code:

  • The power of the Executive Branch shall be vested in the Student Body President.
  • The Executive Branch shall be comprised of the Executive Office and the Executive Cabinet of the President, Agencies, Commissions, Councils, Bureaus, Task Force, and any other entity of Student Government which executes policy or programs of Student Government.
  • The Executive Branch must operate throughout all active academic terms at the University of South Florida.