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USF College of Marine Science in the News

CMS in the News - 2020

The USF College of Marine Science news team is dedicated to sharing USF CMS's story to a global audience. View CMS in the news for 2020.

December 28, 2020CMS in the News

A group of Jr Scientists pose for a picture before starting their day at the Science Festival in 2019.

Jr Scientist program expands their virtual reach with help from CMS students

Developed in 2014 by CMS students, the goal of the Jr Scientist program is to give middle and high school students the opportunity to volunteer at the festival, as a way to engage them in science.

December 11, 2020Community Engagement

Rising Tides Newsletter, December 2020 edition.

Rising Tides December 2020

View some of the highlights in the Rising Tides Newsletter, December 2020 edition.

December 10, 2020Rising Tides Newsletter

Tony Greco, Electron Microscope Manager at USF CMS

In Focus: Tony Greco Retires After 40 Years of Service

Greco’s tenure solidifies his spot amongst an elite group of faculty or staff who spent more than four decades at the CMS.

December 10, 2020News

The planet Jupiter. NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Gerald Eichstadt/Sean Doran

Scientists discover new way to measure turbulence of large planets and exoplanets

Results show that the Jupiter’s atmosphere is four times more turbulent than Saturn’s.

November 30, 2020News

Transmission electron micrograph of a phage that infects a marine bacterium called Vibrio natriegens, an emerging model organism for marine lab studies. Under Breitbart’s mentorship, Yonas described the genome, which he reported in Microbiology Resource Announcements.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a Match!

New Virtual Research Program Exceeds Expectations During COVID-19 Shutdown.

November 30, 2020COVID-19, Diversity, News

Each camper had the chance to explain their design and inspiration, along with giving their plankton a name.

Whatever floats your… plankton?

Oceanography Camp for Girls continues virtually.

November 20, 2020Community Engagement

Aerial shot of the R/V Weatherbird II and R/V Hogarth

New Florida Institute of Oceanography director selected

The University of South Florida announced today the appointment of William Montrose ("Monty") Graham as the new director of the Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO).

November 2, 2020News

Karyna Rosario, PhD, who graduated from USF in 2010, was a recipient of the Bridge to the Doctorate fellowship. She now works as a research scientist in the marine genomics lab run by Mya Breitbart, PhD.

City of St. Petersburg supports USF efforts to further enhance diversity with new pledge to College of Marine Science

The City of St. Petersburg has contributed $125,000 to the University of South Florida Foundation to help enhance diversity in the ocean sciences.

October 30, 2020Diversity, News

View some of the highlights in the Rising Tides Newsletter, October 2020 edition.

Rising Tides October 2020

View some of the highlights in the Rising Tides Newsletter, October 2020 edition.

October 21, 2020Rising Tides Newsletter

Dr. David Hollander aboard the R/V Justo Sierra sampling in 2015 near the site of the 1979 Ixtoc-1 oil well blowout in Campeche, Mexico

Remembering David Hollander, PhD (1959-2020)

Our beloved colleague and friend David J. Hollander passed away unexpectedly at his home in Gulfport, FL on September 26th, from complications of COPD.

October 21, 2020Newsletter Articles

University of South Florida: A Preeminent Research University

View from the Bridge

CMS Faculty and Staff

October 21, 2020Newsletter Articles

Mission Statement

Our blue planet faces a suite of challenges and opportunities for understanding and innovation. Our mission is to advance understanding of the interconnectivity of ocean systems and human-ocean interactions using a cross-disciplinary approach, to empower the next workforce of the blue economy with a world-class education experience, and to share our passion for a healthy environment and science-informed decision-making with community audiences near and far.