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Registered Student Organization events are defined as an event planned by the organization for their organization or the USF Community. The Student Organization is responsible for planning, executing, and paying for the event. In order to make reservations with RecWell, your organization must be registered through the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement (CLCE) and recognized by USF RecWell Sports Programs. If you have questions about registering a Student Organization, please contact CLCE.

Registered Students Organizations with outstanding balances or in bad standing with the University will not be allowed to reserve facility space until the outstanding balance is paid and they are cleared through the University.

Sport clubs practices are scheduled through rec-sportclubs@usf.edu

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Spring 2024 Reservation Deadlines

Early Spring Reservation Window November 13- December 12
RecWell Events & Reservations Closure December 18- January 8
Spring Reservation Window January 8- April 1
Spring Reservation Requests Open January 8
Last Day to Submit Spring Requests March 8
Spring Break Closure March 11-17
Last Day to Host Spring Events (Including Tournaments) April 20
RecWell Events & Reservation Closure May 6-12

*Early reservation window is only for one time event requests. Sport clubs practices are scheduled through rec-sportclubs@usf.edu.

*Early reservation window is only for one time event requests. Sport clubs practices are scheduled through rec-sportclubs@usf.edu.

Please be sure to complete the following steps to be able to reserve a space with Recreation & Wellness. Failure to complete these steps in the correct order will prevent an RSOs ability to plan an event.

STEP ONE: Join our Recreation & Wellness BullsConnect page

STEP TWO: Complete your RecWell Accountable Officer Form on BullsConnect. Only one form is necessary per school year, UNLESS an election has been held and officers have changed. Please note that the President of your Organization listed on BullsConnect must match the President listed on the RecWell Accountable Officer Form you submit. This means you may need to update your BullsConnect page before submitting your RecWell Accountable Officer Form. For assistance with updating your BullsConnect page, please contact bullsconnect@usf.edu

STEP THREE: Email rec-reservations@usf.edu letting them know that you have completed your Accountable Officer Form.

STEP FOUR: Upon approval of your completed Accountable Officer Form, you will receive a video link and quiz that outline all of the steps necessary to host an event in one of our RecWell Facilities. DO NOT fill out a reservation request prior to completing the quiz and reviewing the video.

STEP FIVE: Upon successful completion of the Event Reservation Quiz with a passing score, you will receive a link to the Events & Reservations Request Form. Fill out the proper Events & Reservations Request Form for Sport Clubs.

*For tournaments, an extra meeting with the Sports Clubs Program will take place. The Special Events Team will reach out if this meeting is required. 

Sports Clubs Request

Outdoor Field reservations are limited at this time. Please be aware that requests may be denied even if space is available to ensure proper turf maintenance is maintained.

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Contact Us:

For questions regarding Events & Reservations, contact the Special Events Team at rec-reservations@usf.edu. For questions regarding Sports Clubs, contact rec-sportclubs@usf.edu