Reservation Questions

Who can make a reservation?

Any registered student organization, USF department, and non-USF affiliated groups can reserve space through Recreation & Wellness.

Registered student organizations are permitted one (1) free rental per semester (Spring, Summer, and Fall). This rental only covers the facility space and does not cover any incurred direct costs, such as outdoor restrooms, lights, staff, field lines, etc. This free rental counts for all Recreation & Wellness spaces, including Riverfront Park. Student organizations are still able to reserve space after their one free rental, but will be charged the USF affiliated rate for the facility space in addition to all direct costs that are incurred.

What facility spaces can be reserved?

All Recreation & Wellness facility space available to be reserved can be found here.

Reservations operate on a first come, first serve basis.

Specifically, for Non-USF related groups, space is not confirmed until signed usage agreements, invoice estimate, insurance information and deposit are received.

When can reservations be made?

Reservations can be made at any point throughout the year. Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis.

Accounts must be up to date before another event is requested. If you have questions about a delinquent account, please contact the Special Events Team (rec-reservations@usf.edu).

How do I reserve a facility space?

Please refer to the appropriate page based on your group's eligibility. 

Non-USF groups, will need to provide a Certificate of Insurance. Insurance information can be found here. Once this is received, a Space Usage Agreement will be drafted and sent for approval. A signature is required to receive a finalized counter-signed Agreement.

What if I want to reserve space that Recreation & Wellness does not reserve?

If there is space on Campus that an organization wishes to reserve and it currently is not able to be reserved by Recreation & Wellness, it most likely falls under Facilities Management. Organizations can fill out this form and submit to Jackie Gahagan, jgahagan@usf.edu

How much does it cost to reserve facility space?

A complete list of rental rates can be found here. Please refer the following pages based on your event needs. Please note there are direct costs, such as Event Supervisors, that are required based on the nature of the event. 

Fronting is not tolerated by Recreation & Wellness and will result in a higher invoice rate and/or loss of reservation privileges.

When is reservation request confirmed?

Non-USF Groups - A reservation is confirmed when a usage agreement has been counter-signed by appropriate Recreation & Wellness personnel and the deposit has been received.

Registered student organizations and USF departments - A reservation is confirmed when an invoice is approved, signed, and returned to the Coordinator by the rental group.

Deposit & Invoice Questions

What is the deposit process?

Non-USF groups will be subjected to providing a deposit that is 50% of their invoice total, excluding taxes. This deposit is due at least 45 days prior to the event date. If the deposit is not received within 45 days of the event, the event space will be released and available to other organizations to reserve.

Those groups that are paying a deposit will be able to pay through this link. They will need a Customer ID and Invoice Number to pay the deposit. This will be provided to them from Recreation & Wellness.

The deposit is taken off the total invoice. Taxes are not included and will be added to the remaining balance of the invoice. After the event has concluded, the group will receive a finalized invoice from our billing office. This invoice is needed to pay the remaining balance and any additional costs incurred at the event. The invoice will also have instructions on how groups are able to pay for their reservation.

Student organizations are subjected to this deposit process on a case by case basis.

You can find more about the deposit information here.

How do I pay for my event?

You must verify method of payment in your reservation application. All payments must be made before becoming eligible to host another event. After your event, you will receive a finalized invoice from our Billing Office. This invoice will have all of the necessary information and instructions on how and where to pay for your reservation costs. You will need this invoice to pay for your event. Do not send payment to Recreation Center.

In order to use A&S Funds to pay for an event, Registered Student Organizations need to submit a FAST request 10 business days before the scheduled event date to Student Government. If an organization is not A&S funded, they can still host an event but will pay out of pocket. All organizations must provide their tax exemption certificate.

Departmental and USF sponsored events can only be paid with chart-field (interdepartmental transfers) to pay for events. Departments can no longer pay for an event with check or credit card. Departments can still use Foundation Funds to cover their event costs, but only as a reimbursement from Foundation after they have paid the REC with a Chartfield, per the University Controller’s Office. You must provide Foundation the interdepartmental invoice the Billing Office emails you as well as a copy of Finance Mart showing you paid when requesting the reimbursement to your department from your Foundation Fund to cover your event expenses.

What if I have questions about my invoice?

If you have questions about your invoice: what the line items represent, pricing, etc., please contact the Special Events Team at rec-reservations@usf.edu.

If you have questions about your invoice: how to pay, processing payment, received payment, current balance on account, etc., please contact Lavern Whyte-Downing at lavernwd@usf.edu

Cancellation Questions

Can I change or cancel my event?

Registered student organizations and USF departments - If you wish to change your event, you will need to contact the Special Events Team (rec-reservations@usf.edu). After the conclusion of the event, all items on the invoice will be billed to the organization. If you wish to cancel your event, groups must do so no later than 72 hours prior to your event. Failure to cancel properly will subject your organization to paying all direct costs associated with the event. Please reference the current Student Organization Handbook for any additional questions.

Non-USF groups – The invoice, event space, and times can be changed up to 5 days before the event start date. Within 5 days of the event start date, the invoice, event space, and times are locked in and can no longer be changed. 

If I need to cancel my event, do I get my deposit back?

If a group that has already paid a deposit wishes to cancel their event 20-44 days before their event, a 50% refund of the deposit will be due to the customer.

If a group that has already paid a deposit wishes to cancel their event 1-19 days before their event, the deposit is non-refundable.

Parking Questions

How is parking on campus handled?

USF requires a valid USF parking permit whenever you park on campus. This policy is monitored and enforced 24/7 by Parking and Transportation Services. USF Recreation & Wellness is not able to intervene in anyway with Parking and Transportation Services rules and regulations. More information can be found on Parking and Transportation Services website

A map of parking lots and buildings of USF-Tampa campus can be found here.

Policies Questions

Do I need event supervisors at my event?

Event supervisors are required at all Recreation & Wellness events. These supervisors are trained to mitigate risk, enforce policy, and ensure that all rental groups are following procedures. They focus on the facility aspect of your event to allow your organization to focus on running your event.

Do I need to pay for lifeguards if I am reserving the pool?

Yes. All events held in Recreation & Wellness pool space are required to have Recreation & Wellness lifeguards on a 25:1, lifeguard: participant ratio.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions, please contact the Special Events Team at rec-reservations@usf.edu