What We Do

Club Funding

Student Government finds it invaluable that all clubs are able to be get help running their organization. That’s why we have various resources available for club leaders, including funding, marketing, and general guidance. For additional information on Student Government funding visit the SG PeteSync page

We also have meetings called the “Council of Club Leaders” where you can speak about any organizational matters you wish to bring up. The Council of Club Leaders is an organization that was set up to promote communication between other organizations, clubs and the student government. These meetings are held once a month, and members will have a chance to speak about topics like budgets and laws, as well as any other matters that might be pertinent to the clubs. For more information visit the LSO PeteSync page.

Lastly, we have the Leadership and Student Organizations Office (LSO) , which is set up to help with club guidance, and general leadership matters with organizations on campus