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The USF SG Senate is comprised of 3 committees and SenEx. All members of the senate are each placed on a committee. These committees have special focuses that each senator works to fulfill. To learn more about the committee's and the business that they are currently working on - please reach out to any of the students below. Please note that all meetings are subject to change.





Kayla Domres

Vice Chair


Summer Meeting Date and Time: TBD, Microsoft Teams Policy Channel

The Senate Committee on Policy shall:

  • Review all constitutional amendments, non-budgetary bills, and resolutions submitted to the committee chairperson by the office of the Senate President for the purposes of legality, efficiency, and tangibility.
  • Have the power to amend any legislation put forth to the committee.
  • Review standing legislative documents and recommend improvements when necessary.
  • Require all legislation to go through at least one reading in committee.
  • Collaborate with and assist the Office of the Attorney General on projects and initiatives.


Rocky   Rocky
Ariel Wallace
Vice Chair

Summer 2022 Meeting Date and Time: TBD, Microsoft Teams Ethics Channel

The Senate Committee on Ethics shall:

  • Be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the office of Student Government and all associated entities.
  • Review all Executive Branch nominations put forth by the Student Body President for confirmation, with the exception of all Cabinet members, Directors, and elected officials which shall be confirmed by the Senate.
  • Review all Judicial Branch nominations put forth by the Student Body President for confirmation.
  • Investigate complaints and grievances against Student Government or any Activity and Service fee funded entity.


Rocky   Rocky
Quynh Nhu Dang
Vice Chair

Summer 2022 Meeting Date and Time: Fridays from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM, Microsoft Teams Relations Channel

The Senate Committee on Relations shall:

  • Help facilitate relations between the student body and Student Government as well as their state and local governments in order to create awareness of any student issue.
  • Conduct surveys based on issues relevant to the student body.
  • Review all state, local and federal legislation that may affect the student body.
  • Be in contact with all Florida Student Association representatives and receive reports on any student related issues within the organization.
  • Propose new services and programs to advocate for student issues that may be executed by the Executive Branch.
  • Write resolutions related to imperative student issues that have been brought forth to the committee.


Chair | sg-protempore@usf.edu

Meeting Date and Time: TBD, Microsoft Teams SenEx Channel


Abdul Shaheed
Akshat Gupta
Amanda Zainab Sleem
Annaleise Scott
Ariel Wallace
Arielle Mumm
Ashria Daskundu
Brianna Bermudez
Cesar Esmeraldi
Chirag Singh
Daniel Meda
Daniela Seke
Devlyn Pham
Elizabeth Volmy
Fariah Ansari
Isabella Bodnar

Jessica Malanga
Karthik Yechuri
Kayla Domres
Kim Ho
Marcus Jauriac
Muhammad Subhan Faisal
Muhammad Zain Ali
Phan Nguyen
Quang Vu
Quynh Nhu Thi Dang
Shotaro Okubo
Suryakanth “Surya” Prasad Gottipat
Taeler Bell
Umesh Kumar


Allison Richards
Elizabeth Olson

Kenneth “Kenny” Bright

Andrea Carolina Cepparo Costa
Caranton Swank

Nicolette Kulcsar


For the current Senate Committees Meeting Agendas and Minutes please visit our BullsConnect account and click on LEGISLATIVE BRANCH, SENATE COMMITTEES.