Legislative Branch

Senate Leadership



Fariah Ansari

Senate President

sg-senatepresident@usf.edu | 813-974-5011

MSC 4308F

The Senate President serves as the head of the Legislative Branch and is responsible for overseeing all operations and components of the Senate. Specific duties include representing the Senate before all other parties and entities, overseeing and managing all Officers of the Senate, and chairmanship of all Senate meetings.



Sumit Subhash Jadhav

Senate President Pro-Tempore

sg-protempore@usf.edu | 813-974-5011

MSC 4308F

The Senate President Pro Tempore assists the Senate President in their duties and oversees Senate committees as appropriate. Specific duties include managing committee membership, maintaining the Legislative area of the SG website, and chairmanship of the Senate Executive Committee.