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OCG girls camp visited Caladesi Island

In the Field: Explorations on Caladesi Island

The goal of the field trip was to explore and examine the processes that shape and change barrier islands.

June 25, 2018Girls Camp

Getting up close and personal with some of the technologies and models that scientists use.

Lab Days: Fisheries and Habitat Conservation

Campers learned about marine protected areas (MPAs) and the approaches scientists use to study fish populations.

June 22, 2018Girls Camp

Girls Camp onboard the R/V ANGARI

In the field: Cruise aboard the R/V ANGARI

Over the course of our three days at sea, campers had the opportunity to sample multiple research sites onboard the R/V ANGARI both inside Tampa Bay and passing underneath the Skyway bridge to sample in the Gulf of Mexico.

June 19, 2018Girls Camp

OCG Staff Training 2018

And that’s a wrap! Staff Training 2018

From learning lesson plans, engaging in daily “Energizer” activities, and inventorying field trip supplies, it really wasn’t too difficult having a bunch of focused fun in preparation for having a bunch of more fun.

June 18, 2018Girls Camp

Kayaking field trip to Shell Key Preserve

In the field: Field trip to Shell Key Preserve

On our trip, we kayaked to the preserve on Shell Key.

June 18, 2018Girls Camp

OCG girls got up-close and personal with sediments.

In the field: Field Trip to Fort De Soto

During our field trip to Fort De Soto, the OCG girls got up-close and personal with sediments answering these sorts of mysteries.

June 16, 2018Girls Camp

Campers and staff participated in what we call

The importance of OCG to my professional development

Today the campers and staff participated in what we call “Concept Rotations” where groups of 4-5 moved between six stations every 40 minutes.

June 13, 2018Girls Camp

2017 OCG Leadership

OCG Food for Thought: Fish Banks

Campers participated in an interactive simulation in which the girls played the roles of fisherwomen in a commercial fishing fleet.

July 7, 2017Girls Camp

Behind the scenes tour of the SeaWorld rescue operations.

OCG Wrapping Up: SeaWorld Trip

SeaWorld was a wonderful finale to the Oceanography Camp

July 7, 2017Girls Camp

Preparing the samples for use in the TEM and SEM.

OCG in the Lab: Electron Microscopy

With the TEM, the girls were able to look into the middle of cells, and see all the organelles, including the mitrochondria, the “powerhouse” of a cell. They were also able to see bacteria, and even individual viruses.

July 3, 2017Girls Camp

The rainbow “filter” for the photo was made using the eye piece of the spectroscope the girls made during the lab.

OCG in the Lab: Remote Sensing & Satellite Imagery

This lab helps the campers understand how satellite data can be used to research the ocean.

July 3, 2017Girls Camp

Throughout the lab, the campers had to stop and make hypotheses about the results of the different experiments.

OCG in the Lab: Marine Microbiology

The marine microbiology lab had four main activities for the campers to do.

June 30, 2017Girls Camp

Mission Statement

Our blue planet faces a suite of challenges and opportunities for understanding and innovation. Our mission is to advance understanding of the interconnectivity of ocean systems and human-ocean interactions using a cross-disciplinary approach, to empower the next workforce of the blue economy with a world-class education experience, and to share our passion for a healthy environment and science-informed decision-making with community audiences near and far.