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Top 10 Health Research Stories of 2021

USF Health researchers forged ahead with new discoveries and innovations over the last year. Check out our countdown to the Top 10 Most Read Health Research Stories of 2021.

December 17, 2021Health

Best Real Estate Deals: USF Research Park Expansion recognized for community impact

The USF Research Park Expansion is a mix of office space and labs featuring a 120,000-square-foot, three-story building with a fourth-floor open-air terrace and dining options on the ground floor. Construction is on schedule to be completed in December with a grand opening in early 2022 (Tampa Bay Business Journal / paywall).

December 17, 2021Research

USF wins prestigious award for innovative excellence in response to COVID-19

Throughout the pandemic, USF Information Technology rapidly deployed new solutions that aided in efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and created applications within weeks that provided financial, academic and emotional support to students. It was a tremendous lift that kept students on track in their studies—all made possible by IT’s pre-COVID technical strategy (USF Newsroom).

December 17, 2021Honors and Awards, Innovation

A USF forensic anthropologist is assisting Central Florida detectives on a decades-old cold case

Detectives in Central Florida are teaming up with a forensic anthropologist from the University of South Florida to try and solve cold cases that go back decades (WUSF).

December 16, 2021Research

Study of Antarctic ice’s deep past shows it could be more vulnerable to warming

In a study published in Nature, an international team of scientists, including USF College of Marine Science Associate Professor Amelia Shevenell and graduate student Imogen Browne, documented the evolution of Antarctica’s ice sheets about 20 million years ago.

December 15, 2021Global Research, Research

USF team creates home health monitoring device to boost independence

Over the course of 15 weeks, USF researchers developed a wireless sensor system which continuously and passively monitors presence and weight of a person in bed, on a couch, chair or similar furniture that could have great potential impact on users’ quality of life comparable to current sensor systems on the market.

December 15, 2021Innovation, Student Research

University of South Florida researchers release nationwide opinion survey results on social media moderation and regulation

Researchers at the University of South Florida, in partnership with Cyber Florida at USF, have released findings from a nationwide survey to better understand attitudes toward moderation on and regulation of digital platforms. Subjects consist of the regulation of misinformation and offensive content, including among elected officials, as well as perceptions of deplatforming.

December 14, 2021Research

College of Marine Science faculty on list of high impact researchers ranked worldwide

An update to a study by Elsevier and Stanford University shows a strong showing from faculty at the USF College of Marine Science.

December 13, 2021Research

Gokushoviruses – viruses that show that, in the ocean, size doesn’t matter

A new paper published by USF College of Marine Science researchers sheds some light on understanding the ecological benefits of viruses and the role of gokushoviruses in the marine environment.

December 13, 2021Research

Philanthropist Timothy Ubben gives $5 million to USF Health to fight pulmonary fibrosis

The University of South Florida announced a $5 million gift to the USF Foundation from Timothy Ubben to create the Ubben Family Center for Pulmonary Fibrosis. Housed in the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine, the center will increase research to fight pulmonary fibrosis, a disease that causes lung scarring.

December 13, 2021Health

USF Research Park Expansion Opens New Opportunities for Innovators

In the coming weeks, construction of the University of South Florida Research Park’s new three-story, 120,000 square foot building to house state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, office and meeting space for innovators and both established and startup companies, will be completed. (Tampa Bay Business Journal).

December 13, 2021Innovation, Research

USF researchers using COVID-19 forecasting models for variant predictions like omicron

Dr. Edwin Michael, Professor in Epidemiology at USF created SEIRcast, a pandemic forecasting system. Michael has been watching COVID-19 from the beginning and monitoring data to look into different possibilities of what could happen, like if a new variant like omicron emerged (ABC Action News).

December 13, 2021Health


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