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Due Process Rights

As a student goes through the Student Conduct Process, they have certain rights that cannot be abridged. These rights fall into two categories: FERPA rights and Due Process rights.

As a student at USF, you also have specific rights that guarantee you a fair and impartial experience with the Student Conduct Process. More information about these rights can be found in the Student Code of Conduct, and below is a quick reference to all ten rights.


YOUR RIGHTS IN THE STUDENT CONDUCT PROCESS. The Student Code of Conduct liststhese ten rights for charged studentsand student organizations. You have the right to... NOTICE OF CHARGES Written notice of the charges and allegations. A HEARING A fair and impartial hearing. THE PRESUMPTION OFINNOCENCE To the presumption that no violation occurred. The burden of proof ison the University, and the standard of proof is the preponderance ofthe evidence. AN ADVISOR To be accompanied by an advisor of their choice and expensethroughout the Student Conduct Process. REVIEW OF EVIDENCE The opportunity to review all available information supporting thecharges of violations of the Code, including all known witnesses whohave or may provide information prior to resolution. PRESENTATION OF EVIDENCE The opportunity to present relevant information and witnesses at theFormal Hearing. AVOIDING SELF-INCRIMINATION To not provide self-incriminating testimony. Invoking the right againstself-incrimination will not be considered as a negative factor in thedecision of the Hearing Officer or Hearing Body. CROSS-EXAMINATION The opportunity to question witnesses and in specific cases,complainants in accordance with the Formal Hearing procedure. NOTICE OF OUTCOME To receive written notice of the outcome of the Formal Hearing withinfive days of the hearing. AN APPEAL To submit a written appeal.

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