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FERPA Rights

As a student goes through the Student Conduct Process, they have certain rights that cannot be abridged. These rights fall into two categories: FERPA rights, and Due Process rights.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

When you as a student turn 18 or apply for a college or university, you become the sole recipient of what are called FERPA rights. The purpose of these FERPA rights is to protect your educational records and keep them private, including things such as admissions information, grades & academic progress, and, most importantly in this case, disciplinary records.

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Ferpa Rights. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act guarantees you the right to keep your education records private, including disciplinary- and conduct-related records. What are your rights?The right tobenotifiedofyourFERPA rightsatleastannually The right toinspect and revieweducational recordsmaintainedand keptprivate byUSF The right torequest thatUSF amend anincorrectrecord The right toconsent tothe disclosureofrecords The right to file a complaint with the US Departmentof Education when one of the four prior rights have been breached.
FERPA and BSA. Under FERPA, your educational records are private. Theseinclude disciplinary records such as the notice of formalcharges, disciplinary meeting notes, sanctions, and more.Any information you share with BSA will NOT be madepublic in any manner or discussed outside of BSA. Your disciplinary/educational records will NOT beshared with: - Parents or relatives without the expressconsent of the student - Friends of the student - Other students around campus - Members of Student Government besidesBSA staff members - Any person other than BSA staff members. If you have any questions about your rights to privacyunder FERPA, reach out directly to your advisor or to SG-BSAD@USF.EDU.

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