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Student Conduct Process

The Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct promotes personal responsibility and adherence to the community standards set by the University.

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Conduct Process

Student Conduct Process. Incident Report: An incident report is submitted to Student Conduct and Ethical Development (SCED)   Issuance of Charges: if sufficient information exists, the student in the incident report receives a written notice of charges, including information on the alleged incident, the charges, and the informational meeting.  Informational meeting: The charged student attends a meeting with a hearing officer to learn more about the student conduct process, their due process rights, the allegations and charges, and any information supporting those charges. From there, the charged student decides from two resolution options: the resolution agreement or formal hearing.  Resolution Agreement: The charged student waives their right to a formal hearing and appeal and requests that the hearing officer conducting the informational meeting determine the findings and applicable sanctions.  Formal hearing  Administrative Hearing:  Administrative hearing university conduct board conducted by a single hearing officer who also serves as the hearing body.    University Conduct Board:  Hearing conducted by a panel that serves as the hearing body, consisting of two students and one faculty member.

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