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An international students guide to learning the basics of work visas and sponsorship. 


This booklet was created on Oct 2023 by SG Tampa Executive to our international students. 
All the discussed policies and eligibility criteria are subject to change. 
The information provided goes over temporary and immigrant work visa paths that may or may not require employer sponsorship. These are options beyond Optional Practical Training (OPT)
OPT is a temporary employment option available to students on an F-1 student visa. OPT is extremely flexible and can allow you to change or have multiple employers. That might not be the case for some of the traditional visas presented in this booklet. 

The USF Office of International Services provides extensive support and information on both OPT and Curricular Practice Training (CPT) to all international students enrolled.  

This booklet was developed by Noely Bosque: Storck & Mendoza Administration's Professional Development Manager during the 4th Consolidated Term - in collaboration with multiple stakeholders and licensed immigration attorneys. 

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