Services & Involvement

Parking & Citations

The SG Tampa Circuit Court hears the second level appeal of student parking tickets. Please see all resources below.


The Tampa Student Legal Advocate is a position in Student Government that shall be used as a resource to students with their knowledge of Student Government Governing Documents, University Policies, and Parking and Transportation Rules and Procedures.

Students may request The Student Legal Advocate for:

  • Assisting in researching and clarifying statutes and other policies to students during their appeal process
  • Reviewing documents upon the request of the student who wishes to file an appeal to the Circuit Court
  • Serving as legal counsel at the request of the students in all matters that may come before the Student Curcuit Court, which may include:
    • Parking Appeals
    • ERC Candidate Appeals
    • Grievances against Student Government members
    • Impeachment Proceedings
    • Appeals of Student Government Laws, Actions, or Decisions
    • If you have any questions contact us.

For reasonable accommodations, please call 813-974-2402.

The Student Legal Advocate may only act upon the written request of a student. Please contact them at