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Academic Toolbox


What is the Academic Toolbox?​

The Academic Toolbox is an assortment of different tools intended to help students with their academic success at USF. The resources in this collection include solutions for course planning and selection, tutoring and career readiness, as well as some "USF life hacks" and more. By providing students with quick access to the resources and services they need to thrive at USF, the toolbox aims to promote a positive and stimulating learning environment for all.


The Academic Toolbox was developed by Valerie Andrea Mendoza Salirrosas: Storck & Mendoza Administration's Student Success Manager during the 4th Consolidated Term.​



Academic Planning

Course Catalog


The Course Catalog is a detailed overview of all available degrees, minors and concentrations offered at USF. It shows program descriptions, prerequisites, credit hours, and any particular requirements. ​

This resource helps students to make decisions and plan their academic journey. It gives insight into the prerequisites necessary to meet degree objectives and assists in exploring the variety of electives available within your selected fields of study. SG recommends that students utilize this resource to know their programs fully before meeting with Academic Advisors, choose their courses wisely and make sure that their academic path fits their goals and interests.

Course Catalog


Course Inventory

course inventory

The Course Inventory offers an overview of the courses and classes available at USF. 

This tool allows students to plan academic schedules and choose electives efficiently. The resource counts with advanced filters that help to quickly identify classes flagged as Gen Ed requirements, High Impact Practices, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and more.

The Course Inventory is the perfect tool for exploring all the classes offered by each department for proactively planning minors and concentrations.

Course Inventory


Staff Schedule Search

Staff Schedule Search

The Staff Schedule Search is a more detailed and powerful version of the Student Schedule Search available through Oasis. It allows students to have a full picture of all the sections of each course available each semester.

It offers a more comprehensive filter tool and grants visibility of key information to help you while registering, such as the number of students on the waitlist for a full class section. This is different from the Student Schedule Search, which will only show you sections that still have open seats.

Staff Schedule Search


Syllabus Archive

The USF Syllabus Archive allows students to log into Canvas and search and view the Canvas Syllabus page for USF courses from current and previous semesters.

Students can access the resource through their Canvas dashboard and utilize advanced filters such as course number, instructor name and term.



Textbook Affordability Project (TAP)


TAP is a program that provides solutions to ensure all students have access to course materials that are affordable, up-to-date, and satisfy academic needs.

TAP counts with different components: an informational and educational website on textbook affordability, a textbook recommendation service, ebooks for the classroom, open access textbooks (OERs) and textbooks on the USF libraries reserves.

Students can also access a textbook database and see what instructional material has been required for different sections of different courses in previous terms.


College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The CLEP exam is an alternative offered at USF, which allows students to earn college credits for knowledge they have acquired through independent study, prior course work, or other learning experiences.

The CLEP serves as a valuable resource for students who wish to demonstrate their proficiency in certain subjects and potentially earn college credits, thereby accelerating their academic progress. By taking CLEP exams, students can bypass introductory courses, such as Compsition I an d II (ENC 1101 and 1102), which can help them save time and money on their path to earning a degree. ​



Software & Applications

Application Gateway​


The Application Gateway is a portal funded by the Student Technology Fee that offers an array of software and applications accessible with an active USF Net ID at no additional cost.

This feature is beneficial for courses with specific software requirements, such as Business Statistics, where tools like Statitix 10 are indispensable.​ 

Application Gateway


Software Catalog


USF Information Technology is resposible for maintaining and supporting the Software Catalog

Through the portal, students can request access to over 80 solutions - from Adobe products to MATLAB and Tableau.

Software Catalog



Tutoring & Complementary Learning

Tutoring Hub

The Academic Success Center offers USF students tutoring assistance in a wide variety of subjects.

Help is available in-person through drop-in sessions in LIB 206. A list of the courses tutored can be found in Courses Tutored

Tutoring Center


Writing Studio

The Academic Success Center provides 1-on-1 sessions with writing consultants to support students at any stage of the writing process, helping them to improve their writing techniques, and refine written assignments across various disciplines.

Through personalized sessions, students receive guidance on organizing ideas, strengthening arguments, and enhancing overall writing proficiency.​ Students can gain valuable feedback and strategies on effectively communicatig, leading to improved academic performance and increased self-confidence.

Writing Studio



The SMART Lab is an innovative learning environment dedicated to supporting students in introductory math courses through tutoring assistance and technology.

In the 324-computer lab, students enrolled in SMART Lab courses use software to complete assignments at their own pace, receive instant feedback as they learn mathematics by doing, and get on-demand assistance from instructors, tutors or teaching assistants. Tutored courses include Precalculus, Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus.





Knack is a peer-to-peer tutoring platform that supplements existing academic support services on campus, creating a personalized experience. 

USF Tampa students can use Knack to get help from a fellow peer that already aced a class, and/or sign up as a Knack Tutor and offer help to their peers. Students must abide by the USF Code of Academic Integrity when using Knack.

Join Knack

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

LinkedIn Learning is available to all USF Students at no cost. Members have access a course library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts. To enroll, submit request through USF Information Technology's portal.

LinkedIn Learning IT Request